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Power Cranking for Shallow Bass

Shallow water crankbaits are an awesome tool
for finding those skinny water bass fast. Cranking is a classic power fishing approach.
Big baits fish fast covering water and generating reaction strikes. But their is a misconception
they don’t fish well around cover. Truth is, this is where they excel. Modern crankbait
design creates a nose down approach, causing the lure to wiggle, wobble, bounce, and snake
its way through cover. It’s this hitting, bouncing, and deflecting off wood and rock
that often triggers the bite. Key locations are expansive shoreline flats. Before I fish,
I Structure Scan the area way pointing cover such as wood, grass beds, and rock piles.
Man-Made structures such as docks are always key fish holding magnets. Experiment with
lip design to find just the right wobble, rattle camber, or no sound. And of course
a variety of colors to determine fish preference.


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