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PRAWN FISHING | Ebi Fishing, Petaling Jaya (Things to do in KL)

Hi guys! Welcome to another Puri and Sue video. And today, we’re going prawning. You can actually buy worms (bait) in those little boxes. And if you can’t finish, they can actually reserve it. Like you can see a whole array of it. So, this poor little thing is going to be fed to the prawn. We’re still waiting for our prawn… Maybe I’ll just eat the worm. It looks…gooey… It looks yummy now. Yea…? Yay! We’ve finally got a prawn. Look at that!
His first glorious prawn. Look at his happy face. He just caught another one again. You almost got him! So fast??? Not fair! He’s better at prawning than me. Beginner’s luck! Really??? Sue got her first one! I finally got one with the help from Puri. So, our catch for today? We’re just done fishing our prawns. They’re now in the plastic bag. Now we’re going to keep our worms. Thanks for the hard work, worm! We’re sorry, we had to cut you. But it’s the circle of life! Our own can of worms!

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