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Prawn-Lemon Rice | Prawn Pulao With Lemon And Mint Flavor | Veer’s Kitchen Exclusive

Hi all! with lots of love for a long time my non-vegetarian friends were demanding for a non-vegetarian dish from me so today I’m going to make prawn-lemon rice okay! In such a way my vegetarian friends will get disappointed so please don’t get disappointed I have something for you too in this video all you have to do is avoid the prawn and you too will get a nice lemon rice recipe come lets see how to make it to make prawn-lemon rice we will take 2 cups of basmati rice, washed and soaked for 30 mins and here I’m using 2 types of prawn the big one and baby prawns so till the rice is soaked lets do the next process heat a wok (kadahi) add 2-3 table spoon mustard oil you can use any cooking oil and in this oil we will fry these baby prawns for now this might not be looking attractive but when it gets into the pan, it will change its color when oil become hot put it into the wok(kadahi) fry it for around 4-5 mins so that its color changes to orange when prawns are fried, turn off gas take it out on a tissue paper now is it looking attractive? beautiful bright orange color again heat a pan add 2-3 table spoon mustard oil add 1 bay leaf 5 cardamom, 6-7 cloves, 6-7 black pepper let the flavor dissolve then add 1 tsp cumin seeds now add 1 big onion finely chopped fry till it become golden brown in color add small ginger, 8 garlic cloves and 2-3 green chilies(all crushed) saute it for 1 min 1 chopped tomato cook it for 4-5 mins season the large prawns with salt now we will do searing of prawns means put it in the pan and cook for 30 seconds each side without stirring when searing is done take it out we took out these large prawns because further we will cook it over rice now add 1 tsp garam masala powder salt to taste mix it once now add soaked basmati rice to the pan mix it well place the large prawns over rice as I told you we are using 2 cups of rice, so we will add 4 cups of water to it add juice of 1 whole lemon put some fresh mint leaves now cook it for 15 mins with lid on over medium flame 15 mins are over, now turn off gas and lets see how our dish has turned a very nice fragrance of mint and lemon is coming out of it now let it cool down a little and then we will do plating of it friends I’m so sorry that I forget to add salt to baby prawns sprinkle some salt over it you can add salt while frying it take out prawn-lemon rice in a plate scrap it gently from one corner place some fried baby prawns over it a slice of lemon and fresh mint leaves so this is our prawn-lemon rice thank you so much for watching this video bye bye! have a nice day

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