Prawn Suit Grappling Arm Fragments Location #3 | SUBNAUTICA

Happy Friday everybody! My name’s Ben
part of the Chemical Apes team and welcome to another Subnautica Guide. so for this
wall we’re gonna be looking at the Prawn suit Grappling gun again yes that’s right
it’s a third third video now to videos they’ve had good success but there are
those that aren’t getting all the required frags
obviously the spawn rate differs between locations so I like to please the
audience now where are we I’m worried we need to go we’re at the
center of the map I do advise that you do start from here that way I can give
you precise direction and distance you’ll know this by the coral tubes
sticking out and seychelles there’s actually two sets as one over there with
one closest to the Aurora what do we need for this we definitely need the
hike but sank ideal of the ultracapacitor tank we need to seem off
with depth module mark 2 as we’ll be going around about 430 meters down
combat knife is good I’ll explain why shortly the torch is always good under
laser cutter right so let’s get going CMOS so
as I mentioned we’re going to be going 420 meters down and we want to be going
to clicks left of Southwest so that is the exact direction you want to keep on
a straight path there’s nothing gonna get in your way and you’re gonna go
straight down so click two klicks south of Northwest now in terms of what we’re
gonna find down there there is possibly a ghost Leviathan I’ve encountered the
goals Leviathan on one episode going via this direction now you wanted it John
w-what if the request is for this video you got it so yes it is a little bit
more dangerous what you’re gonna guaranteed to find down there is
whoppers whoppers are a little bit more pesky they will tenses up you out with
the seamoth minimal damage in all honesty it’s just wow you know you’re in
your cm off woman it and then there’s up yeah I did wow what they can actually
even Zambia wreckage is so we’re now entering the space reef the what what’s
is gonna go mark it on the right path and just second Knowles dive down keep
on the right side of this this cliff face here keeping two klicks of
Southwest left of Southwest and like I say it’s ran about 420 meters the other
thing that I should mention is a rebreather is always good it comes up
conserves the oxygen but you’ve got always ideal just gives you that extra
it’s high and to sort of go into that wreckage and get what you need but okay
so no ghosts Leviathan as of yet thankfully spawn location it is round
about this area give or take we just passed the floating islands
just south of the self of the floor analogy of the same and it is round
about the area so once you see these blue balls in the distance you know
you’re in the right area and welcome guys to the one of the farthest
wreckages we can get to in the game lots of goodies around here for those PC
users are will display the coordinates this is all the applicable to you PC
news or so and what we want to do is technically look around the wreckage if
that’s an old girl there’s a whopper we have him then there is a side door over
there so just burnt your fruit don’t worry too
much about the waffle like I say he’s a little bit more of a pesky nuisance than
anything and this is where the torch comes in handy we’re going to go through
this door and I believe that is a Prawn Suit grappling arm and that’s one
of two guys so there’s a lot of areas to cover around this wreckage I’m not going
to cover them all but I do hope like the video subscribe like comment as always
ciao for now

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