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Pro-Ambassador Profile: Bernie Schultz, Bassmaster Elite Series

My first introduction to fishing was my grandad
and my mom. My dad wasn’t a fisherman but he always made
sure i was around water always made sure I had access. You know, I totally backed into
this profession. I was a student at the University of Florida, I joined a Bass club and there
happened to be some ace anglers in that club. this was a highly competitive thing and I
just got sucked in and now i’m fishing for a living.the most radical change I’ve seen
in my time fishing’s technology for sure. i have to say electronics and tackle we use,
how boats come to the level of what they are today. the outboards are so well made now and perform at such a high level. Bass fisherman are brutal. we’re tough on our equipment.
the stuff has to stand up to that. We have that now with the technology we have.


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