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Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing | Student Video

(gentle piano music) – I think there’s no comparison when it comes to the
brotherhood in the military, and I just retired in May, and obviously this brotherhood is somethin’ that you develop
throughout your lifetime, and when you’re among veterans again it seems like you’re going back into that camaraderie and friendship. – It has changed my life immensely. After my stint in the Army, I had no interest in doing anything, I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t want to interact with people. Finally I was referred to the
program through the VA and, even then I was still hesitant. Don’t wanna be around people,
don’t wanna meet new people. Finally, wife said, you
got to do somethin’, this isn’t healthy. – There’s every person in the organization has just given so much to help people that have a problem, and
it’s not just because they care and they want to help, it’s because they’ve had the same issues, they lived the same experiences, and they’re giving back now. The program’s helped them,
and now they’re at a point where they’re helping others, and that’s where it starts,
gettin’ help is the first step, and develop after that, and Healing Waters is just an opportunity to not only help, but to get help as well. And I know we have some in our care, our management at Healing Waters, he says this is his therapy, and you know when you have someone that gets therapy from me getting therapy, you know that’s just, it’s
awesome, it’s awesome, it really is. – You know once you get ’em on our team, they’re gonna wanna come
out, hang out with people just gettin’ out of the house, especially a lot of these guys, dealing with the older age groups, they just wanna get outdoors
and this is somethin’ for them to do that’s a
little more at their speed. Something they can practice at at home, come out, show what they’ve got so, just feel pretty good with that. – So the folks that really wanted to take it to another level, we wanted to meet that obligation, we wanted to make sure that those people that wanted to go fish all the time and tie all the time would have the mentorship available to them to do all the technical
aspects of fly-fishing. But the biggest difference I do see is an insistence on, say, catching fish over the value of just going out. And if you ask a lot of fly-fishermen, most of them will say, yeah this beats anything you know, doing anything else even
though I didn’t catch any fish. But there are folks that think that that’s the goal, is I fail if this veteran
doesn’t catch a fish and that’s just absolutely not it. It’s the experience of going
and doing something new, and that’s what the two fly. The goal of the two
fly is to break through and independently fish with some support on your own, and those folks came in and did a phenomenal job with each of the veterans we have. – My ultimate goal is for
them to experience and learn everything I have. That, hey, you can get away, you can
find a quiet spot, relax, enjoy, get away from everything. It’s just you and
whatever’s in front of you. – Raise your hand man, raise your hand. We’re here and we will
do whatever it takes. Everything is temporary,
everything is temporary. Raise your hand, we’ll be there.

  • Recently retired myself I, have finally realized what being alone at the house feels like. Today for the first time came across your videos and brought tears of joy and hope like for many of us whom are broken inside and wondering the future ahead. Thank you for all you do and the inspiration of hope. It was an honor and a privilege to serve that will not ever be taken for granted. God Bless you all,,,,,, Muchas Gracias… U.S. Army

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