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“Rack ‘em up” Fishing Rod Holder Portable Aluminum Fishing Rod Rack

hi here you decided today and we’re going to show you how together this fishing rod so open up the box here cut up a lot of your parts now this kit will have everything you need you don’t need any tools and this is going to be your handle now you can either install the handle or not if you don’t want to first things first this is the base now these are side plates all the parts in this are made of aluminum now first things first before we install make sure the cuts in the in the plastic are facing towards the inside slide them in like so now open up this bag here you have these four clips and you’re just going to push them in just make sure they sit on the outside of the plastic piece here and on top and now these are fully adjustable they slide back and forth I had to slid all the way out so that I can install the pillars now I’m taking the top hats off of both so that you can drop these in these little guys will help you lock in your pillars and they slide in except when it is it ends at the bottom just tighten them up a little bit hold this in place sort of push these back in now now next up is to get the actual rack in place the long piece is going to go on the bottom and just make sure that the foam pieces will face inward and they just snap in with these little bolts very very easily and just make sure that again these little metal tabs sit inside the guide here on the pillar its tighten them up someplace next up the upper part make sure these face out remember these foam pieces they’re VBA phone they’re very soft but also very very durable there you have it there’s your fishing rack oh now the last thing to do would be to put these in unless now you’d be finished unless you want to install the handle which is also very easy you just take one of these all the way off slide this in to the cut all the way past the cut and just tighten this up you’re going to have to do this with both sides okay now to install the handle first just take the rack off the rack itself and just undo these bolts on both sides make sure you retain the washers now just take the handle and slide it into the cuts I would throw it on one side first before starting the other now bolt it in like so and you want to just thread it on just a little bit so that it won’t come out now you can reinstall it onto your rack


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