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Rare Billy Mays ad – The Crocodile Cutter

Hi, Billy Mays here for the Crocodile Cutter
The fastest and easiest way to cut virtually anything guaranteed. It bites down, locks
on, and powers through the toughest materials for the perfect cut every time. With ordinary
scissors and shears, your hands get in the way, but the Crocodile Cutter keeps all your
work above, so you can power through below with precision speed. A simple squeeze of
the handle transfers tremendous power to the cut. You’ll glide through metal like a hot
knife through butter, zip through vinyl flooring lightning fast, with just one pass, or cut
a smooth edge in delicate mica like a craftsman, saving you money. If you can spray a hose,
you can use the Crocodile Cutter. The secret is the steel anvil cutting platform that supports
and cuts as the power arm pushes the material through, for a precise, clean cut every time.
Precision cut screen, fencing, and trim so they slide right in, or cut, fit, and install
gutters in no time at all. Easily decorate backsplash to the exact fit, every time. Use
it in the garden, the workshop, and for hobbies and crafts, it’s a must. During this special
TV offer, you’ll get the Crocodile Cutter with three power arms for cutting metal, plastic,
and curves, plus the carrying case, for only $19.99. As a special bonus, we’ll also include
this glass and tile cutter. Cut tile, mirror, and glass with the accuracy of a pro. Yours
free. But call right now and we’ll double the offer, and give you a second one free.
Just pay separate shipping and handling. You get it all: two complete Crocodile Cutters,
two glass and tile cutters, a huge value, for only $19.99. Call 1-800-620-9657 to order
the Crocodile Cutter system with glass cutter for $19.99. Call now we’ll double the offer
free just pay shipping. That’s two complete systems for the same low price. Call 1-800-620-9657.


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