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RESERVE Gastro Tavern BGC Philippines (Manila After Dark #2)

it’s like 5:30 in the morning the Sun is
coming up They just dropped my ass off I’m going
home I am I’m totally wrecked and done Saturday night in the Philippines Kasama ang katrabaho ko, at ang bagong S.O. Ko just it really couldn’t get any better
it just, it just F-ing rocks here man it’s Manila baby so here in Manila
especially BGC outside the call centers you can get what passes for a taxi
actually called an ANGKAS so these guys will zip your around Manila on on
the back of the bike they give you a helmet and it’s usally a good price
I’m just heading over to Guadalupe MRT today so this guy’s willing to
take me over there all right that was quick Angkas ride 100 pesos to get over to
the train and then the train is twenty-four pesos to get to
SM North EDSA excited to see Mexican food here
Mexicali at Le village lifestyle Park in Quezon City one of my I don’t
know sort of favorite little spots to catch up and chill and go out and
obviously have a bottle or two wine there we go with the video again I’m like every time I try to take a
picture I’m like shooting video I am back from Quezon City three hundred
pesos cab ride about 30 minutes to get from sm north EDSA area to South BGC
here I’m going to hit reserve which is a swank bar here in the P. Burgos circle
in in BGC Forbestown Center some of my katrabaho, ang katrabaho ko are
partying up in there so see how it goes It’s going to be one of those nights baby all right we’re all really drunk one of
us is like sleeping outside for like two f-ing hours, one of us I won’t say who…
like it’s 3:30 in the f-ing morning, and we’re ripped and we’re trying to figure out where to go. As if like going home and going to sleep is not an option so like,
Wow all I can say is Wow like partying in the Philippines best ever, these Mofo’s know how to party like you wouldn’t f-in beleive we mofos – yeah -I’m a mofo, you know i’m a mofo You would not believe the
level of partying that happens here in the Philippines it’s( just this guy
beside me is the best guy in the world) – Also a Mofo that’s what they say – that’s the booze talking
baby yeah follow my channel ( I follow him in instagram, I follow him in instagram) don’t forget to follow subscribe, comment, hit like… Wow you know my channel Wow, i’m honored ang katrabaho ko siya… Or Sila, We mofos yo – Ang maraming Mofos doon Yeah, Mofos, (this guy, this guys the man) Grasya – Talaga? Oh my god This how a Mofo looks like this is what it looks like to be drunk in the
Philippines (Oh- Who’s drunk?) me probably not you – Because i hear you’re a f-in
legend Mig’s split man leg he’s gone, he’s gone – You are a legend Grasya alright we’re done here There’s an elevator, and we are getting it it, i don’t where we going it seems like it’s the plan so… Who wants to ride the Spongebob? what does riding the Spongebob entail? I don’t speak German but i can if you like auf wiedersehen – Das Guten, danke schön, danke schön auf wiedersehen Mahilig sa U#in Where are we? Oh my god Pilipinas man, Philippines baby, It’s Manila baby we’re in a parking gagrage which means someone’s gonna drive which which is a bad idea
I’m pretty sure because if anyone’s even anywhere near as loaded as i am, they
should not be driving but this is the Philippines so it’s good let’s have some girls
impregnated – Really? Whhayy? I would say Nicole I didn’t know that was your game why do i think we should not be driving right now? Boss Dee, oh my god, she always drinks, and then she always drives I feel like i’m in good hands – when it’s the boss’s, Boss’s Boss – How can you go wrong – Right? Is that Xander’s girlfriend’s
ride? (Yeah) The Xandromeda galaxy continuum You got like a car that is like
super like A.I. intelligent l like it knows where you are even if you don’t know where you are Gusto Maraming chicks saan mayroon. Gusto Maraming chicks Eric? Uhhh – Di ko alam. So where – Saan? Kung gusto mo puputang población makati is poblacion open – until what time? friggin like 24/7… Siguro… but but that might
have to be like P Burgos Street which is like kind of weird and Kadiri. cafe Cubano is always open
on p burgos Tapos Kumaliwa ka wait I’m drunk I should not be speaking
Tagalog and giving directions Eric, which do you want?
which do you want Eric? I don’t know di ko alam kasi Yata , sila – Mayroon Siya ang titi ko?? Titi mo – Sorry… ayaw ko ang titi sila Ayaw ko Bakit? Talaga? I feel like you’re reaching for a gun yes she’s gonna like shoot me – crazy. Baliw siya her boobs are big, yeah pero kunwari lang yeah
those are fake of course Ayaw ko Kunwari boobs can you go right – Yeah, you can turn right here We made it – We’re in Poblacion Makati I don’t know why
and I don’t know how but boss D hooked it up and here we are now we’re headed
to some other bar to keep drinking past the point of drunkenness because we’re
super f-in drunk. and it’s it’s friggin población Makati on a Saturday night so
we’re rockin we are at alchemy in población and the upstairs is totally
deserted and they were gonna seat us which is awesome but big boss D said
Hindi, she says let’s go check that cafe Cubano on P. Burgos we’re gonna go
we’re gonna see if it’s like a happening spot I thought here was pretty cool but
hey she’s the boss following Boss D alright I can’t believe it but we are
going to the ring side bar here on población Avenue because we want
entertainment and apparently this is the spot midget boxing lady boxing, midget oil
wrestling, Philippines baby. ringside was a bust the girls didn’t like and I don’t
blame them and now we’re looking for some mystery bar by via like geo navigation
where we’re going apparently is closed although there seems to be a club that’s
open here who knows all right we walked around poblacion and
you know we hit like three bars and decided not to stay at any of them and
now somehow or other we’re just going back to BGC alright we’re back in BGC,
I have no idea where the hell we are but I must hand it to the girls, because they got
me beat they’ve been driving and chillin and
direction-in and navigating, I think I was passed out in the back so they’re
rocking I’m in heaven! at least it feels like I’m in heaven if
Heaven was super humid, incredibly warm and slightly uncomfortable and in BGC
Philippines somehow we ended up here and I guess it’s food instead of booze at
like 4:30 in the morning – So let’s rock thanks for watching if you like this
video please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more
it’s Manila baby


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