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Rhett & Link Taste and Review Popeyes’ Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Extended Interview)

-Welcome back to our program,
and congrats. You’re authors.
You’re novelists. -Yeah, it’s crazy.
-That’s a big deal. It’s a great book. People that don’t know you, you have almost 20 million
subscribers on YouTube. -Whoo!
-“Good Mythical Morning.” Yeah, you know that. Yeah. -If you round up
a little bit, yes. -Yes, yes. Something like that. But a lot of it involves
eating disgusting things. -Yeah.
-And I was wondering, when did you realize
that you could, like, have an iron stomach, or when
did you realize you were — Have you always been
adventurous eaters? -[ Laughs ] -I’m a pretty picky eater. But one time in high school
biology class, we were dissecting a worm. And I turned to the woman
next to me — She was actually
another student. [ Laughter ] -So it wasn’t a woman. -It wasn’t a woman.
-We called them women. -I considered her a fine lady
that I was interested in. -Ah! Very nice. -And I said, “You dare me to eat
this worm’s anus?” [ Laughter ] -You did? And that was it? Really? -Well, I thought
that the way to a woman’s heart was through a worm’s anus. -That’s not — That’s not —
No one — That’s not a phrase anyone says. -But I ate the worm’s anus. -You — Were you there?
Did you see him do that? -Yeah, and to this day,
I have my doubts as to whether or not
he ate the anus, because you really can’t
tell the difference between the anus and the head
on a worm. -That’s true.
-Yeah, that’s right. But you — -I’m not proud of it,
but I did it. -Did you end up
dating that girl? -No!
-No. [ Laughter ]
-That fine woman? -Lesson learned?
[ Laughs ] That fine woman. Have you guys tasted the new
Popeye’s chicken sandwich? -No. We missed it.
-No, we haven’t. -They ran out
before we got there. -Yeah, because they’re sold out. They only released it
for a week. Well, we thought it’d be
kind of fun tonight — -Oh, no. -We had Popeye’s… -How do you get Popeye’s? -…fly us the actual
Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Questlove, you haven’t
tried this yet, right? -No.
-No. Yeah. This is — This is — What’s going on? Why are you guys
blindfolding yourself? -This is how we eat fast food
on our show. -Yeah, but you know
what this is already. -We like a little
mystery, Jimmy. Just let us have the mystery. -Alright. Here you go.
Alright, that’s — -Okay, there’s one.
-Want to get one over to Rhett? Here. -Rhett, you want that one? -Yeah, I know what I have, but
I don’t know which one I have. [ Laughter ] Alright, buddy.
-It moves. -[ Laughs ] It does move. -It’s like a Yoda head.
-Alright. Alright, good —
Alright, here we go. -Dink it and sink it. -Dink it and sink it.
Here we go. ♪♪ What do you think? A lot of chew. -Not a sponsor. -No.
-But that’s good. -Not a sponsor, but —
-That’s a good chicken sandwich. -Not a sponsor, but that is
a really good chicken sandwich. Thumb’s up, Popeye’s.
I like that. [ Cheers and applause ] That’s really good. -I’m typically a Bojangles’ man, but that is a good sandwich.
-That’s a good chicken sandwich. -I can definitely say
better than a worm’s anus. -[ Stammers ]
-Yeah. -They can quote you on that. -Popeye’s, I’ll be
in the next commercial. -Speaking of blurbs,
I give a blurb for your book. -Yes, thank you so much. And we’ve been hearing it
in your voice in our heads ever since we put it
on the back of the book. So we were actually wondering
if you could read it. -Just read it out loud for us. [ Laughter ] -“I tore through all 324 pages
of this book in one sitting, and I still didn’t
want it to end. I would have been willing
to read as many as 325 pages.” Possibly even 326. Though if I’m being
totally honest, they probably could have
stopped at 323. Either way,
I love this creative book. Jimmy Fallon.” [ Cheers and applause ] -That was everything
that I thought it would be. -Yes.
-And you know what? Jimmy, you didn’t ask us
to read a blurb for your book… …”This Is Baby,”
your recent book. -That’s right. This is my book. -And, you know, I know —
-“This Is Baby.” -I just — I’m assuming that
you might do, like, a reprint, you know. And if you do, we would like you to just
choose one of three of these. -You want to blurb — -We want to blurb it.
-You want to blurb the back of this
baby’s picture book? -I mean, we’re just going
to pitch some things to you. -You don’t have to use…
-Let me hear them. -…all three of them. -Give him the first one. -“This Is Baby” is a must-read
for any parent out there. As fathers ourselves,
it was incredibly helpful learning that that little thing
in the crib wasn’t a bald rat. [ Laughter ] Thank you, Jimmy Fallon,
for clearing things up. -Wow, that’s a good —
[ Laughs ] -You don’t have
to choose that one. -You thought it was a bald rat
in the crib. Okay. -That’s just —
That’s one of three. -How about this one? “This Is Baby” is great…
for a non pop-up book. -Right. -Obviously, a pop-up book would
have been, like, way better because they literally pop up.
-Wow. -But hey, if you’re looking
for a two-dimensional document printed on a flat page, this will do.
-Wow! That is unbelievable. -There you are.
-I might take that one. -Yeah. And one more. One more. Jimmy’s a great friend, but
the title was a tad misleading. After receiving “This Is Baby”
in the mail, we can confirm
that it is indeed not a baby. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, no, it’s not. Well, I didn’t call it
“This Is A Baby.” It’s just called “This Is Baby.”
-Well, okay. Well, maybe you should have
called it “This Is Book,” ’cause that would have made
a lot more sense. [ Laughter ] -Food for thought.
-Food for thought. Congrats. Can you talk about
what is this book about? What is this novel about? -Yeah, it’s about two
high school freshmen in 1992, small-town South, learning the nice, sweet,
Southern facade on their town might be hiding some
sinister things underneath it. -Oh.
-Yeah, it gets a little scary. It’s funny. We’re not in it. The two main
characters are Rex and Leif. -Yeah. -So no comparison
to Rhett and Link at all, no? -Completely coincidental. -Yeah. If you’re into
’90s references, there’s lots of those. -Jean-Claude Van Damme
makes an appearance — Well, he is referenced
like on the second page. So we got the ’90s references in
early and often. -Hypercolor t-shirts. -Oh, I remember those.
-New Kids on the Block. -It’s all in there.
-It’s all in there. Halloween is a special time
for you guys, because this is the first time you actually performed together
when you were in high school, is that right?
-Well, when we were 14 years old we wrote our first song
that we performed publicly. -Yeah.
-And it was about Halloween. -It was at this thing
called the Fall Festival, ’cause in the Bible Belt,
you can’t celebrate Halloween. You’ve got to celebrate fall. -Oh, wow.
-Just in general. -I did not know that. -So it was just
the Fall Festival. -We wrote a rap. -Yeah, but we were
all about Halloween. And this was the year
that “O.P.P.” had just come out, Naughty by Nature’s “O.P.P.”
-Oh, of course. Naughty by Nature, yeah. -So we wrote a rap to that tune. -Right, yeah.
-Is it good? -I mean, we were 14. It was the first thing
we ever wrote together. -Would you like to give us
a taste of what that rap was? [ Cheers and applause ] -Ooh. ♪♪ Oh. Oh, yeah. ♪ Rhett and Link
on the microphone ♪ -♪ Rockin’ so hard, you’d think
we’re in the Twilight Zone ♪ -♪ It’s kind of funky
and a little bit spunky ♪ ♪ You can dress like
Frankenstein ♪ ♪ Or you can dress
like a junkie ♪ -♪ The holiday is Halloween ♪ ♪ When you can walk outside
and see what you never seen ♪ -♪ It’s a time to read books
by Stephen King ♪ ♪ And also a time to hear
your doorbell ring ♪ -♪ It’s when you give candy
in the little handy ♪ ♪ All the way from Almond Joy
to the Good & Plenty ♪ -♪ Be aware of the wolfman ♪ ♪ If you want to keep your
right leg and your left hand ♪ -♪ ‘Cause he’ll come and kiss
you in the middle of the night ♪ ♪ What you think about that,
Rhett? ♪ -♪ Yeah, right ♪ -♪ It’s just a little something
that you never seen ♪ -♪ And here comes the chorus,
Halloween ♪ -♪ You down with Halloween? ♪
-♪ Yeah, you know me ♪ -♪ You down with Halloween? ♪
-♪ Yeah, you know me ♪ -♪ You down with Halloween? ♪
-♪ Yeah, you know me ♪ -♪ You down with Halloween? ♪
-♪ All the zombies ♪ -♪ You down with Halloween? ♪
-Oh, Rhett and Link, everybody! Their book “The Lost Causes of
Bleak Creek” is available now! And for tickets
to see them live in concert, check out!


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