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River Monster CATFISH/ Речно Чудовище СОМ/ Fluss Monster WELS/ Monstruo del río SILURO

Born this morning. Hold it! Don’t go to the river! What are you doing, nice goat! Nice goat! Look how she cares about them. So nice! Now we can go fishing. They left. Kate! We will change the spot, right? It is not here, now we will try there. Kate, fish on! Is it big? Yes. Did you see it, Tsetse? Don’t answer me now! It came off. Pity! Let’s see it! Are you shaking? Yes. It strengthened the hooks. It was a big one. A big one! How big was it? Pretty big. At least 40 kg/ 90 lbs?! About that size. The hooks held a lot but at the end.. I can’t let it go down there. Yeah. The spot is not clean. At least we have a video. Super! Nice! We will change the spot now. Are you fixing the hooks? Yes. Does it work? Sure. I stopped it once from getting down there, but the second time it became very furious. I will try again. The line is good, no problem at all. Right?! Yes. How thick is it? 0.50 mm. Good. Good action, right? Yes, sure! Well done! It bit on the second or third cast, right? On the first one there. You also casted a few times in front of you. Yes. Good! I went there to leave our stuff there and you called me. Good job! Did you see what it does? Yes. I will watch the video. I didn’t see it. Great fun, isn’t it? It wasn’t hooked well. That’s why it came off, right? Yes. It doesn’t matter that the hooks straightened a bit. OK. It will come again. We will check again on our way back. By the way, the big catfish was hooked really well. They are getting active in such water. Yes. The water level is good. Well done! Nice! Right, Tsetse? Yes. The whole sand was under water, the current was above it, and the catfish was lying here in ambush. Its head was behind those two stones. As the lure passed through this area.. It attacked. It was a great action. Yes. I didn’t release more line, as it is not possible. About 10 m/ 3′ down there, there is a lying tree under the water that I know. Apart from that, there are are all those branches and roots. If the catfish goes there, the line will go there too and that will be the end. That’s why I am pulling with all strengths. If it breaks off or comes off, that’s OK. That’s the best what you can do on such spots. Without any compromise. It can break off or straighten the hooks, but I can’t let it go there. Under no circumstance. Otherwise, it is sure that it will break me off. This way at least only the hooks got out of its teeth, as it was not hooked here. I returned it twice. If it were hooked here on the flesh, there wouldn’t be any problem. I would have taken it out. It was just hooked on the jaw. Yes. When a catfish gets hooked there, it is a bit difficult to take it out. It is pulling and suddenly it drops the lure. OK. Before here we were on two other spots. There was no strike. Here it was on the third cast I think, not sure.. It might have been the second one, .. second or third You will see that in the video. If the catfish is there the lure passes through its area it comes and grabs it. That’s guaranteed. It has to be there and ready to attack. Yes. Half an hour is even a lot to stay on one spot. If it is not there, change the spot. Yes.

  • Страхотен видеоклип може ли да направите риболов на пъстърва?

  • No matter what part of the world, when you hook a fish that big, all of us fisherman speak a common language called “shaking” 😬

  • Еее на, Цецо направо шапка, му свалям знае къде, точно под кое дърво живеят рибите. Много стаж има, много опит за което евала, друго нямам кво да кажа.👍

  • Малее, това беше ЧУДОВИЩЕЕЕ!
    Браво за страхотния клип Кате и предай много поздрави на Цецо 🙂

  • Жалко че де откачи. Хареса ми че не даде шанс на сома да бяга 🙂 добра информация! Успех :=)

  • For a minute there I thought you were gonna put a baby goat on a hook and fish for some serious monsters. 🤣😂😜 It must've been really big to straighten his hook! Maybe you needed a bigger hook and the baby goat after all? lol

  • Браво на Цецо, майстор е хем ги прави, хем знае е къде са рибите , за да ги хване. Но пуснете и клипове как се пускат обратно сомовете. Не е хуцаво да се изяждат. Извинявам се ако има такива !

  • Натегнал си аванса до край и се чудиш що се откачват….

  • It was a good decision to hold the fish whatever happened because he lose it anyway if the catfish go down there. Is your breadline going straight to the wobbler or? Anyway thank you very much for your video like always I'm glad to see you too. Drpaj Drpaj haha… Tight Line's.. 😀

  • What a fight! Must of been a huge catfish. Sorry you lost it in the end but I'm sure there will be another one soon. Good stuff my friends and I'll catch yous in the next one 👍🎣👌

  • Bom dia meus amigos pescadores.
    Está isca artificial trabalha muito bem, e atrativa para os peixes.
    Parabéns. 🐟👏👏👍

  • Катя, Цецо, правите чудесни клипове! Искам искренно да ви благодаря за съветите и тънкостите в риболова на сом, които споделяте с нас! Много човек може да почерпи и научи от вашия опит. Приятели, живи и здрави да сте и все така да ни радвате с отличната ви работа!

  • Браво!! направо ми пълните сърцето 🙂 само така !! продължавам да ви следя с кеф 🙂

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