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ROBLOX Grandma’s EVIL Elevator not NORMAL w/ SHARK TORNADO | FGTEEV Duddy #14 (Gameplay Roleplay)

What is this floor? Is this the Hollywood tower of terror? It’s going to drop. 3… 2… I’m ready. (eerie music) 1… (screams) It’s FGTeeV I sure do love making pancakes. But it’s not the same without my grandson here. I think I’ll call him up and see if he gives me a visit (phone buzzing) Oh hi, it’s your grandma Jemima Just seeing if you would come by and visit me I’ve got a present for you Ok, bye now What’s up, fgteevers? It’s me, your favorite Roblox guy And I’ve invited you here today In this huge building Because I have to go see my grandma who lives on the top floor Let’s go, it should be an adventure Excuse me sir Can you tell me what floor grandma Jemima lives on 30th floor Thank you I’m going to meet my grandma Jemima She makes pancake syrup and she lives on the 30th floor Let’s go But I want someone to come in the elevator with me Oh FGTeeV Duddy What’s up everybody FGTeeV Duddy here and I’m rolling with my boy We’re gonna go up to see his grandma I think she lives on the 30th floor Boop boop beep beep beep beep What these buttons don’t work 11… 10… What’s it counting down for Look at that guy He’s like me but he has a high-five head Chase, your here too I’m trying to get my buddy right here Up to see his grandma Jemima Wow, this guy looks scared to death Oh what’s out here Is this my floor Grandma Jemima Grandma Jemima Hello This is scary I don’t think this is the 30th floor Someone’s gonna pop up and scare you I dunno man What is this an electric chair Is this my grandma’s bed WOAH What was that Did you see that What was that (screams) What was that That was scary That was scary Is the next floor 30 Does anyone know Did you press floor 30 Did you press floor 30 You have a little tiny guy What the That’s the little dude from Skylanders Imaginators Dude that is so cool HA My grandma turned into a cat Oh my goodness Oh we’re only at floor 22 Woah That’s trippy the floors are going down I’m just kidding I know that that’s the time limit What’s up with these floors I’m just trying to get this guy to go see his grandma I’m not gonna lie guys Man, I know this We’re brothers and that’s my grandma too What floor are we going to now What floor are we on BrokenGasguy Ooh Sorry to hear your butt doesn’t work Sad Ooh, what’s this? Hello? Oh! It’s a dancing banana guy! Peanut butter jelly time! Have you guys seen my grandma? I don’t think I’m at floor 30 yet I’m never gonna get to floor 30! Let’s see the next floor! Maybe this is floor 30 guys! Come on! Let’s go see my grandma! Woah I’m stuck in the floor I’m stuck in the floor What’s happening? What is going on? There’s an earthquake in the evalator NO I just wanted to party in the evalator! I died Can I do that again? WEEEE What is that? Is that my present? Well this is a weird floor A little dangerous Oh it’s an UFO What’s an UFO Who pushed me out Grandma I’ll be back Hey sir, can you stop sniffing his butt Did you see who pushed me out Who did that It was that guy Which guy That guy Which guy Uh that guy Oh dead guy? Oh this guy Oh Hi dead guy Your mean A cow I wanna ride a cow This is my cow! Get offa my cow This my cow Riding this cow Click this cow What do I do now Oh snap, hi! Hey! Your my buddy! You know who I am! High-Five! I’m standing on your head I’m sorry This is not normally the way I treat our fans Oh my goodness “Can you shout me out?” OK in a child oh no this is crazy this is crazy this is so crazy right now ok 430 why aren’t these button working again to my grandma grandma Jemima grandma I’m here grandma what whoa thanks creeps tea oh no oh wait wait ok back grandma whoa look at that take the ladies like I I came to see my grandma I didn’t only with a light ball whoa come and get me shark they’d shut sharknado I get it I get it there’s a tornado with sharks in the middle whirling around I’m gonna go see a victim when she shot ouch I’m going to this Jackie and mouth oh no he’s just Jimmy now gotta go see my grandma and let me out all that mess dog breed tell me the next 4 30 hello anyone Oh what is out here pokemon it’s my cousin tash catch up what’s awesome flamethrower no wait what I do what are you guys doing they’re trying to hurt me lemon whacking me yay thunderbolt and I need you I don’t know what I’m supposed to do what make sure we have elevated girl aged me wash Oh next floor okay whoa are we getting haunted mansion hahahaha I skewed I scared this wall I gotta see my queer bar tabac yellow to get back to elevator get back to elevator creaking follow me no kid so I’m bleep breadth first search you depress 30 no stand this that but yet stepped on this Easter cheap for 30 I just feel it whoo huh wait what oh it’s like an escape out pushing me you guys are so rude man ok and then jumping oh no I’m not good at the park or huh okay then jump and then jump no I don’t want to important work or it could just be because I met probably jump and yo all know eighteen seventeen sixty get my son ten nine eight seven I didn’t make it wait me here I want to try to win oh yeah definitely all over your fight we have a song for me what’s that song whoa what’s that into a song i just got ran over by a car you’re the best up in the elevator I got a dress that’s a corner let’s start that over you are the best oh yes I can rap I’m telling where subscribers are you recording buddy yes Oh y’all go first without know the Big Cheese oh that guy’s worse than the little tease ah because farts think more oh no what is he doing Big Cheese let me just say how much of a huge fan I excuse me hey I want to be nice to the keys back to the Big Cheese X to the Big Cheese y’all can’t see me y’all can’t see me pal pal pal pal hashtag pow pow pow pow pow pow hashtag pal town next to the big cheese baby big big cheese y’all can’t see me ccc knees pound pound pound pound pound pound yeah i don’t know which one they wanted counter hashtag ok rap challenge over hey I want you oh here we go watch betty white but again ok now find your choice to pour your water stupor that’s why for cover gotcha I’m dribbling Jim dribble and I’m trip um trip bowling you cut my PE short I didn’t get a lot of physical exercise guys I’m trying to get to 430 to see my it’s not a cool light guy oh it must be he just said oh yeah my grand Homme did what is this one is this valley with our parents for me nice wonderful honest people step through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare yes we didn’t bring you all this oh it’s going to drop g2 already won you guys quiet as elevates a little noise thing here please I’m trying I’m trying to call my grandma leave a message after the pain what’s out here is this my grandma oh the guys are getting under three contestants no okay fine eat your teacher eat your hot dog you gotta eat it either on eternal hustle they’re not even cuddled they are just chicken wings they are like the chickens on the lawn eat your chicken chicken Hawks eat your hot no chicken Egypt chicken chicken pop and eat your hot okay now seriously everybody you guys are so loud please one second I’m trying to call my grandma hi grandma hello it’s me oh hi there it’s me girl yes mr. president no foul trumpets it’s me grandma is your grandson I just called you grandma oh damn in the elevator i’m trying to get the floor 30 high-tech quick mr. Grimm i can’t hear me an awful girl ah receptions going dead oh no oh the floor is keeping it on me oh no oh no oh no the Big Cheese petechiae still here ha ha I were in your shoes we’re doing it we don’t use which we don’t get what I loved about I’ll go to bed now go dance yeah it’s unnatural whoa true I pursuing this is my grandma’s level grandma whoa whoa what have we here grandma you look a little different oh great I’ll grandma wait a second that wasn’t even my gram that was my boobies don’t leave don’t leave don’t leave too late oh thank you oh look oh there is oh he’s eating a cake is a huge a false alarm was my grandma I fulfilling that this next floor yeah okay it’s not my grandma for long I mean my grandma grandma Jemima waffles she’s got to be the next floor guys just let you all know that was for 29 because of course pancakes and waffles and french toast live underneath through bars or get it because like syrup on my guys this is where my grandma lizard intend to take a little slide down and wait grandma I gotta let them hear and hello grandma oh listen do not believe the trouble we had coming here out yeah it was crazy there’s like always crazy floors you didn’t tell me living such a wacky building I’m sorry honey are you ready for your pancake present oh yeah lots era let’s go grandma my grandma loves her kitchen well guys that will be hope you enjoyed the ride to my grandma’s house they should subscribe thumbs up also click on that little mouse and we take a look at I believe I little speaker grab my y is your bathroom can I get a little trying to me please go pick apart Henry Marcel jump in hey ponch n cream are down and breathe out your brother went to call me to make a delicious scrumptious we can forget pumpkin girlfriend Andrea Vahl shall we drop it over there don’t forget to sugar


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