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Rosii umplute cu ton si couscous (CC Eng Sub) | JamilaCuisine

Hello, everyone! I’m Jamila. Welcome to my kitchen! Today we will prepare tuna and couscous stuffed tomatoes, a healthy, tasty and easy to prepare appetizer, perfect during the summer. If I made you curious, let’s see what ingredients we need to start preparing them. For this recipe we will need: 5 tomatoes, 2 cans of tuna and couscous from Rio Mare Insalatissime, 3 cucumbers, the juice from 1/2 lemon, 1 tablespoons of capers, 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 bunch of green onions, 1 grilled pepper, 1/2 of a bunch of parsley, salt and black pepper. I will start preparing the tomatoes, which I will cut around the stem and remove the pulp. I will use a teaspoon to remove as much pulp as I can. This is how the tomatoes have to look, I need them to be hollow inside, to be able to stuff them. I will do the same for all of them. I finished carving the tomatoes and I also strained the pulp. I won’t discard the juice, I’ll drink it because
it’s very good and I will use the pulp into the recipe. Now, I will cube the cucumbers in very small pieces. I’ll also cut the grilled pepper in small pieces and I’ll mince the tomato pulp with a knife. Over this vegetables I will add the green onions, the parsley (if you like dill, you can add some) the capers and the 2 cans of Rio Mare Insalatissime with tuna and couscous. Each can contains a healthy and tasty mix of tuna, cereals and vegetables. Mine has tuna, couscous and a mix of vegetables. I will also add the extra virgin olive oil, the lemon juice and I’ll season with some salt and black pepper,
by taste. I’ll mix everything very well and the filling for the tomatoes is ready. Before stuffing the tomatoes, I will season them with some salt and then fill them generously. When all the tomatoes are stuffed, I will refrigerate them for at least 1 hour before serving them. You can eat the leftover filling as is or stuff some more tomatoes. This was my tuna and couscous stuffed tomatoes recipe. They look wonderful! They are very tasty, quick and easy to prepare, so you can try making them with the first ocasion. If you enjoyed my recipe please give it a like and share and also leave us a comment down below. See you next time!


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