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SA300: The floods of 1921

[Music] the San Antonio River part of the shimmering charm of the Alamo City when flowing calmly River adds beauty but torrential rains can turn this beauty into a raging current September 9th 1921 heavy storms over South Texas dropped more than a foot of rain north of town a resulting flood wave rushed down the San Antonio River and the almost Creek in its path downtown San Antonio the citizens of San Antonio were no strangers to the rivers torrents they had seen it twice the previous decade and this time it was different floodwaters reached record heights water filled the streets of downtown turning them into rivers of floating debris st. Mary Street was buried under 8 feet of water and the majestic theater filled to just below the first bow Creek 51 people lost their lives the residents of San Antonio responded to this flood differently action was taken to prevent this from happening again planes were drawn and the construction of the almost dam began to this day the dam protects downtown San Antonio from flooding the flood of 1921 also contributed to a flood control plan it would eventually come to fruition and the Riverwalk San Antonio’s twice in Tenniel moments on case at 12 are powered by Frost Bank and sewer cars trucks and RVs and Christus Santa Rosa Health System

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