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Samundri Shark | Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | John Barrowman, Jennifer Mcshane

We’re looking at another
30 to 45 minutes. Pressure levels holding steady
at seven-niner-zero, p.s.i. That’s what I wanted to hear. Okay, guys.
Conditions are green. We’re go on regulator assembly. Roger that, Topside. We’ll snap her
together nice and quick. Commence additional stage hookup. Retention 20%. Ease her up gently, fellas. Make sure the manifold seal
is nice and tight. Integrity looks solid.
Checking for stress points. Increasing tension by 3.5. – We’re four hours behind!
– Don’t worry. We’ll make up
the lost time. Isn’t Boarder done
with that cable patch yet? He’s still
working on it. Keep in mind,
it took six hours just to compress him
for that depth. And another two
to get him on site. See if we can’t get him
to pick up the pace. What’s his current
position? 1,540 feet down, and 100 yards from the edge
of the trench. That’s a five-mile
drop-off. So remind him
not to do any sightseeing. Deep Calm,
this is Bountress, over. Deep Calm? Dave Porter,
are you down there? Copy, Bountress. How’s it going? How do you think?
I’m freezing my nuts off. The super wants me
to remind you that you’re not getting
paid by the hour. Tell him he’s welcome to come
down and give me a hand. I’ll let him know. Slap on that Band-Aid
as quick as you can. Bountress, over. What the–?
I’ve got a contact. Down that deep? Impossible. Shouldn’t be anything
big enough to register. Something is there, 200 yards southeast of Porter’s
position and closing. – Get him back on the horn.
– Porter, this is Bountress. Come in. – Repeat, this is Bountress.
– 100 yards. – 75!
– Porter, come in! Porter,
where the hell are you? – Go ahead, Bountress.
– You’ve got an unknown – approaching from southeast.
– Bountress, you’re breaking up. Something’s coming
right at you! – Say again.
– 30 yards! – 20.
– Get him out of there! Look, damn it!
He’s right beside you! ( screaming ) Porter. Porter. Porter! Porter.
Come in, Porter. This is Bountress.
Can you read us? ( grunting ) Woman:
Here, Ben Baby. – Your usual.
РHasta ma̱ana. РHey, qu̩ pasa?
– Qué pasa, man? – Who’s your latest victim?
– This one’s from Frisco. – I want to treat her extra special.
– Hey. Here he goes! – Here comes El Guapo!
– Whew! – Good morning, Hector.
– Buenos días, Ben. – Brought me coffee?
РCaf̩ solo. Will you get that death-trap
flying anytime soon? Ben: I’ll leave you
guys alone. – Try not to kill each other.
– El pendejo? Yeah. Rise and shine! Hey, you’re the one
who’s late. If you didn’t stop for every
chica, you’d be on time. Yeah. – Your usual.
– And here’s yours. Ben: Sy, is this
a great life or what? – Sy: Mi vida loca, amigo.
– Luis pays us to patrol the beach. Some guy at the harbor
told me about this dive spot – that’s crawling with lobsters.
– Sounds good. It’s south of Banderas Point. Oh no. That’s way out
of our patrol zone. You’ll get us
in trouble, again. – Don’t worry about it.
– Again. I said, don’t worry about it.
We’ll do it after our shift. No one’s going to find out. – Trust me.
– Trust you? Why do I let you talk me
into things like this? ‘Cause you’re
my bitch. – You wish.
– ( Ben laughs ) Man: I got you!
Oh, I got you! Man #2: Don’t try to reel
him in all at once. Let him tire
himself out. ( Man #1 straining ) I got him!
I got him! What’s it
gonna take? Man #2: Depends.
Once I saw– a marlin fight– for five hours! Five hours?
Oh! Come on,
you sucker! Oh, what happened? The line must
have broken. – Reel it in!
– Man #1: I got something. Here it is, señor. Man #1: 30 years! – Sy: Man–
– No one will know. You just gotta learn
to trust me. I know where the best
lobsters are. – Sy: What if–
– Stop nagging. – You’re like an old woman.
– I have to stay here and work. I don’t want
to get fired. I don’t think
it’s a good idea. – Just relax. I’ll be back.
– Oh, man! 10 minutes. And I’ll bring
you up a five pounder. Okay, you better.
You better. – I will.
– C’mon, dive. Vámonos! Vámonos, amigo! Hasta luego! Man: What were you
doing down there? Getting some dinner. That’s a high-powered
communications cable! It’s not something
to screw around with! I don’t think it’s me
you’ve got to worry about. Man:
What’s that? A shark’s tooth. I pried it
from the underwater cable. We’ll take it from here. Just be more careful
in the future, okay? Okay. No one’s gonna know, huh? – We’re gonna hear about this.
– Ruiz is not going to know. He won’t find out. Cuñado. Oh, jeez. ( screams ) – Sorry, Ms. Stone.
– Good evening, Todd. – Working late again?
– As usual. You’ve been running around
non-stop, all day. – Why don’t you take a break?
– I have so much to do. I got to catalog all this stuff
and get it down to the prep area. Bonn has been waiting
65 million years. I think she can wait
a half-hour while you grab a sandwich. No thanks.
You’re always too kind. – I’ll see you tomorrow.
– Bye. Mystery shark? Oh my God! Man: Right, Mr. Ruiz.
Yes, make it happen. Morning, Mr. Ruiz. – You wanted to see me?
– Thanks for coming. This is Jeff Tolley,
CEO at Apex Communications. Ben here is one
of the resort’s patrol guys. – Why don’t you sit down?
– Sure. Thank you. Mr. Tolley has a lot
of guests staying here. Really? We’re having a celebration
on the launch – of our new trans-Pacific cable.
– I heard about that. The harbor-master says
you’re bringing in a cruise liner. Tolley: Well, it’s
not quite that big. Some of Señor Tolley’s
people say that you were diving
near that cable yesterday? Yeah, I was. But I wasn’t messing with it,
if that’s what you mean. They said that… it seems something bit
through the protective covering and damaged some
of the fiber optics. That’s right. I found
a shark tooth in the cable. I’m hoping this is
a random incident. Last month, we had to bury
50 miles of cable near Japan just because a cargo ship
snagged it with its anchor. I’d hate to do that
again here. No, the shark was probably
just curious and bit the cable
just to see what it was. Sharks are always
biting things. Ben: I wouldn’t
worry about it. – Thanks for the reassurance.
– No problem. – Ben, let me walk you out.
– Sure. Nice to meet you.
Pleasure. I hired you to keep the beaches
safe and protect the guests. So from now on you will keep
to your assigned patrol area. Am I clear? Yes, sir. Woman: Uh-huh. Come on. Man:
Andale, come on! Come on, mi amor. Baby, don’t go
so far out. РPor qu̩?
– You don’t know what’s out there. Are you afraid that something
is going to swim up and bite your culo? ( woman screams ) It’s just
a sand tiger shark. Pretty ugly, but harmless unless
you’re a fish about that big. I heard it scared
that girl so bad, she ran all the way up
the street buck naked. Almost caused
an accident. Ramirez will think twice
about bringing a girl to this spot. So, what do we do
with the shark? Get someone with a truck
to cart it back to the dock. I’m sure some of the fishermen
will chop it up and use it for bait. – You got it.
– Cool. Do you know where
I can find Ben Carpenter? – Yes, he’s over there.
– Hey, thanks. – I’m looking for Ben Carpenter.
– That would be me. I stopped by your office
and they said I might be able
to catch you down here. Well, you caught me. Hi, I’m Cat Stone. I’m a marine biologist
from the Sand Diego Aquarium. – I saw your message on the
internet. – Well, that was fast. It must be something important
for you to come here for a tooth. Oh, it’s a quick flight and
I enjoy the change of scenery. Besides, if your tooth
is what I think it is, – it’ll be worth the trip.
– Then I won’t keep you in suspense. Oh, great! So what’s so special
about it? I checked online but couldn’t find
a shark that’d match it. We think it’s a subspecies
of the mako shark. Very rare and
extremely nomadic. Where did you say
you found this? I pried it from an underwater cable
about five miles offshore. Could I get
the exact location? – Sure.
– Great. You know, it’s
a pretty big tooth. How dangerous
is this shark? No more than
the regular mako. I’m just concerned
about our beaches. If there’s a threat,
I’d really like to know. These sharks always stay out
in the open ocean. I know our aquarium would love
to buy this tooth from you. Keep it. Think of it as
my contribution to science. Thanks.
I appreciate that. So, now that you have
your tooth, is it right back up
to San Diego? No, I’ll hang out
for a couple of days and see if it might still
be in the area. – I’ll let you know if I find anything.
– Okay. No flirting over there.
We have work to do. Looks like you gotta go. Yeah… I’ll see you around. – It was nice meeting you.
– Nice to meet you, too. You know,
you’re dead meat. – Anything else?
– No, thank you. – Man on phone: Hello?
– Hey. It’s Cat. – What’s going on?
– I just saw this tooth. It’s genuine. – As in the real McCoy.
– No. Get those video guys
down here as fast as you can. I want to document all of this
before I take it public. – Right.
– And keep it quiet. – I’ll send somebody down.
– I owe you one. Okay. See ya. ( Spanish rock music plays ) ¿Adónde vas? ( speaking Spanish ) ( speaking Spanish ) ( man and woman scream ) Oh shit! ( phone rings ) – Do you want to answer it?
– Not really. – What the hell’s going on?
– It’s the first power grid. I was running a tracer, checking
the line resistance – and we lost it.
– You overloaded the line? No, sir. It was
well below capacity. One minute it was fine,
and the next, we shorted out. Fuck! That’s all I need.
Call Chuck Rampart. Tell him to go out
and check the cable. In the meantime,
I want you code monkeys to figure out a way to make
the backup system work properly. That’s what
I pay you for. Fuck! Tolley isn’t happy? Assholes are
never happy. Hey. Here there, amigo. You guys off
in search of Atlantis? I wish. I got another problem
with the fiber line. Trouble in a junction box
10 miles out, so… we’ll take her out for a look,
report back what we find. I saw a break in the cable
off the coast, two days ago. A shark bit through
the casing. Really? Man, they never
tell me anything. So, Chuck, when will you let
me pilot her? You got to pass my test
on submersibles first. Don’t you think I’m too old
for a driver’s test? Maybe. But a Jeep doesn’t
implode when you drive it wrong. Right. Take it easy,
guys. Okay? – Adiós.
– Adiós, amigos. You’ll actually let him
drive the sub? Kid’s got
damn good instincts. Make a hell of
a submariner someday. Only if he listens
to you, right? Of course. Man:
I love Mexico. Man #2: Great place
to be shooting. Man #1: Not a bad way
to make a living. Man #2:
I’m all for it. Look over there,
huh? – Man #1: Let’s get shooting.
– All right. Let’s do it. Whoa! Get the cameras.
I’ll check out the boat. Man #1:
Yes, ma’am. Don’t think I don’t know you’re
checking out my ass, Friedman. – Who, me? Aw, come on.
– Ohh, I like her. Davis, you like anything
with a pair of tits. – That’s true.
– It is. But you’re the ass man.
Remember? And you’d do anything
for that ass. – Fuckin’ A-right, man.
– Come on! – Nice.
– Cat: Playing with your toys? Toys are actually
what it’s all about. You see, this here
happens to be an underwater
lipstick camera. Looks pretty small
to me. Well, it’s really
not the size that matters. Right, buddy? Should be one hell
of a POV shot if we get in close enough
and stick a shark. You’re going to get
close all right. Get as much footage
as you can get. We’re pulling up
to the location where they found
that tooth. Guess what, boys?
You start chumming. Oh, man!
This really stinks. All right, sharky.
Come and get it. What the hell? – Cat: Holy cow!
– Is that it? Looks about the right size.
Get the cameras! Freidman: All right, baby.
Come and get it! Cat:
You getting it? – I need to get lower.
– I’ll get you there, man. All right, bro’. Come on. Here we go.
You’re hooked, man. Davis:
Yeah, all right. Cat:
Watch out. Coming through. Here it comes! – Un-fucking-believable!
– Did you get it? Yeah. Animal Planet,
eat your heart out. – Yes!
– Yes! Look out! – Shit!
– What are you doing? Making sure. Yeah! That’s our baby.
We gotta tag it. – You got it, Cat!
– You bet your balls. – Freidman: Come on, baby!
– The tag’s working. You guys,
take a look at this. Whew!
Man, she’s going deep. Cat: Just keep
it rolling. Holy fucking shit. We got this baby. – Yeah! We got it!
– She’s happy! Good boy! Come on. Thattaboy.
Come on over here. Here we go! Thattaboy! Good catch! Come on,
bring it here. Good boy! Come on. Oh, go get it,
Dirty! Come on! Go! Go! Jeez! Stupid dog! I don’t know
why I bring you. Well, here!
Catch it! Get it, boy!
Get it! Wow, this is as surprise. – Late night social call?
– Resort security matter. Sounds official. There’s been
a shark attack. Come in. Excuse the mess.
I’ve been working. – I can see that.
– And… trying to quit smoking. – How’s it going?
– Terrible. – So tell me what happened.
– It’s serious. We found a guy’s leg
near a beach where he was playing
Frisbee with his dog. Oh my God. Cataline Stone.
Paleontologist? San Diego
Natural History Museum. So I guess this means
you’re not a marine biologist. – You lied to me?
– I had to. – Why?
– This shark isn’t a rare species. It’s supposed
to be extinct. Megalodon– ancestor to the great
white shark. It can grow in excess
of 75 feet long… Ben: Jesus! with a 10 foot
wide bite. One of these things
is swimming off my coast? No. You have a 15 feet long baby
swimming off your coast. But it’s a damn dinosaur.
How did it get here? That’s what I’m trying
to find out. You should have
told me the truth. – Like you would have believed me.
– That’s not the point! You knew what it was.
You had a responsibility. I didn’t know the shark
would be a danger. Tell that to the family
of the man who’s dead. This thing is obviously dangerous.
We’ve got to get rid of it. – You can’t just kill it.
– Watch me. Do you know what
we can learn from this? It’s like finding a Tyrannosaurus
rex in your backyard. Cat, I don’t see that
as being a good thing. Ben, wait! I know what you’re going to ask,
so don’t even say it. – Fine. How will you find it?
– I’ll find it. You’ll have a hard time
without this. – You tagged it?
– Yes, I did. I can come within
10 meters of that shark. – Close enough to bite you.
– I could confiscate that thing. You could try. Or you could come
work on my boat. – I don’t like playing games.
– Neither do I. So what do you say
we both get what we want? I can study the shark and
you can protect your beaches. Beats cruising around
in circles all day. Lo siento. All right. But at the first sign of trouble,
I’m taking it out. Fair enough. Smart-ass! Sy:
Well, excuse me! How can this shark still
be alive after all this time? Some scientists believe
the Megalodon survived the extinction of the dinosaurs
and the ice age by living in
deep-water trenches. And no one’s seen one
after all this time? Hey, guys,
check this out. I was going through
yesterday’s footage. Take a look at this. Wait, you put
a camera on the shark? You gotta love
the sharkcam, man. Is that the cable
where you found the tooth? Yeah, that’s
the Apex cable. Hey, guys! We’re getting a signal.
West-18. That’s about a half-mile
due northeast. – Okay.
– Get the cameras ready, boys. – You got it!
– Let’s go. David: Uh, it’s– it’s headed due east. Ben: East.
Due east. Jesus, it’s headed
for the resort. Full throttle, now! There it is! Jimmy, this is Ben. – What is it?
– A shark’s heading for the shore. Get everyone
out of the water, now! Shark! Shark! Everybody
out of the water! Shark! Shark!
Everybody out of the water! Out of the water,
everybody! Shark! Shark! Everybody
out of the water! Shark! Shark! Everybody
out of the water! Everybody…
out! Ben:
Faster! Go! Faster! Put the gun down! ( screaming ) What are you doing?
I had it in my sight. You did it!
He’s heading back out to sea. – Problem solved. No one got hurt.
– We were lucky! We were very lucky. It’s fast. What’s our speed? We’re barely keeping pace
at 20 knots. Ben: Oh no! Faster. It’s headed
for that boat. All right, bro’!
Muy bien! Yes, sir! Guys! Oh shit,
it’s gonna ram them! Shark! Pull in! Shark! Shark! Guys! Hey! Move! Move! Hola! Como estás? Hey! Move the boat!
Move! ( speaking Spanish ) Oh, shit! Go! – We’re not going to make it!
– Shit! Ayúdame! Pedro! No! The shark’s dragging her
out to sea! Ben: Pull over! This guy
needs medical attention! Gimme a hand here.
Wait! Help me get him in the boat. Man: Help me,
please! Cat: Hurry!
Come on, Ben! Hurry, Ben!
Hurry! Give me the wheel.
We have to save her. Hang on! Ben: Easy.
Watch your head. Woman: Help! Help me! No, no.
She’s going down! Oh my God! Oh my God! Hang on! – Go down and help her!
– Help me! Help me! Come here!
Hold on to my hand! Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. – Hold on to me!
– Get her in! We’re damn lucky. We’re indemnified
against legal action. You’re talking about legal action
when two people have been killed. You knew about this Jurassic
shark and didn’t tell me. – I thought I could handle it!
– You thought wrong! I can kill the shark. But
we need to close the beaches. People pay a lot of money
to come down here and they expect to use everything
including the beaches! You can not let people
swim in the water when there’s a shark
out there! Okay, let me handle
the beaches. I’ll come up with something. But
kill this thing quickly and quietly. Understood. Ben: Hey… it’s okay. No, it’s not okay. I’ve studied fossils
my whole life. Nothing but theories
and guesses… This was my one chance
to prove that I was right. Look what happened.
All those people are dead. And it’s all my fault. – Don’t blame yourself.
– How could I be so blind? Did you see that girl? She was so scared. And I had seconds and
I could have saved her life. Cat, what’s done is done.
There’s nothing we can do. What we have to do now is stop
anyone else from getting hurt. I was looking at the video
of the shark hugging the cable. Do you have any idea
why it’s attracted to it? It could be electromagnetic
or visual stimuli. What’s running
through that cable? It’s fiber optics. I don’t know
the specifics. But I do have a friend
who’s working on the project. Chuck:
Prehistoric, huh? That’s right.
Prehistoric. Damndest thing
I ever heard. Could the fiber be
emitting something? Low-level electrical field.
Not enough to harm anything. But maybe enough
to attract something. In the ’80s, AT&T
had problems with sharks biting though
their fiber cables. Their cable installation
was too thin. Electricity bleeding
through the water. The same could be
happening here. Let me show you something. This section of cable
here in Mexico connects to North America,
South America, then 10 miles south, branches off
to Australia and Japan. The whole system’s set
to go online in… two days. It looks like the cable goes
near several deep-water trenches. Yeah. I lost a good buddy
in an accident… right about here. Near the Challenger
deep trench. Yeah, I’m sorry
about that. We know the Meg’s
attracted to the cable. And with it running
this close to the trenches, it could have drawn it out of
the deep blue sea and lead it here. That cable goes to full power,
there is no telling how many of these Megs
we’ll have on our hands. We can’t let
that system go online. Guys… you’ll have a hard time
convincing Tolley to delay a billion-dollar
project over… what, some sharks
and a hunch? Yeah, he’s right. We don’t
have enough proof. And we have to deal with the Meg
that’s out there now. All right. I’ll check Apex’s computer files,
see what I can find. Do you have access? I will when
I’m done hacking. Ben: You know what? We’ll need
all the help we can get. Let’s go. – Davis: Hey.
– Hey. – You guys take that?
– Yeah. Yo, easy, easy, easy. Now… are you sure
this will kill it? If you want, I can test it out
on Freidman first. I heard that. Smart-ass. – Is everything stowed?
– Everything’s stowed. Cat: Let’s roll. Come on, baby.
Come on. Here’s your password. “Power bleed-through.” You knew it was leaking. What else are you hiding,
Tolley? Son of a bitch! The Pacific Horizon
is prepared for tomorrow. What’s the final
head count? 46 guests. 46 investors! You don’t throw $100,000
on a party cruise if they’re just guests. Yes, sir. It’ll be
first class all the way. You fucking knew! Assistant:
Security, get in here! You knew,
and you didn’t warn them? I don’t know what
you’re talking about. Bullshit! It’s all right here. The diving accidents. Seven men dead! Including my friend. You knew it was dangerous
and you let them dive. They knew it was risky. Some things weren’t
accounted for. Bull-fucking-shit! You knew something
was happening! And you covered it up! You’re finished, Tolley. When the press
gets a hold of you, they’ll rip you
an new asshole. Go tell your story.
Who would believe you, a disgruntled employee with
stolen confidential documents? My lawyers will have
a field day with you. – They are the real sharks.
– This isn’t over yet, Tolley! – Not by a long shot!
– Get him out of here! Esai, this is Ben.
Are you there? Yeah,
go ahead, Ben. Nothing on our end, so far.
Where are you at? I’m about five miles
south of Peridor. I haven’t seen a thing.
Maybe your shark skipped out. Ben: I doubt it.
Let me know if you see anything. Okay. Okay, okay. West of our position
about one mile. – All right, I’m on it.
– Ben: Esai, we found it. We’re two miles northwest
of the resort jetty. – I’m on my way.
– 10-4. Cat, take this. Let’s get this going. Come on, you mother. Come to papa. He’s gone under.
Slow down. Jesus! Son of a bitch! Hold on! – Yes!
– Got it. Son of a bitch! Davis, you okay? Davis? – I’ll get my shotgun.
– Davis, come on. Come on, don’t do this. – Davis!
– Come on, Davis! Davis, come on! ( Cat screams ) Help! Help me! What–? Cat! Cat! Cat! Don’t move!
Stay where you are! Die, God damn it!
Die! Die!
Son of a bitch! Die! Die! You’re extinct,
fucker! – Are you guys okay?
– Yeah. – Davis, you all right?
– Yeah. – Oh, shit!
– ( boat horn blows ) Ben: Hey! Esai! Esai, we’re taking
on water! I’ll be right there. – Esai!
– Over here! Hey, over here! Sy: Help me! Holy fucking shit! Oh my God!
Shit! Ben:
Get up on top! Use your feet. They’re over there! – No!
– Oh my God! ( helicopter approaching ) Oh, shit! What was that? Look at that.
Look at the tooth. Look at the size of that.
This is our proof. I’ll hold onto it.
Shit! Hey! Don’t fall. Hey! Hurry! Give me your hand. Just take it easy. Ben: Hold on! Don’t let go. Get us out of here! Ben: Don’t let go! Come on!
Come on! You got it. Climb. – You okay, Ben?
– Yeah. – What the hell was that?
– You don’t want to know. Esai is dead and
so are two other people! – What are you talking about?
– Another Megalodon killed them! Another one? You said
you’d take care of it. We killed it.
But its mother’s huge! – How big?
– Larger than a Greyhound bus. – Bullshit!
– Look. That’s what you’re dealing with.
You can’t keep this quiet. We have got a 60-foot shark
swimming off our coast that’s not going to go away.
We have to tell the authorities! And tell the world we’ve got a
dinosaur swimming off our beaches? – You won’t blow the whistle?
– No. Fine.
Then I will. Cat: What happened? – I just quit.
– Are you serious? – Yeah, I’m serious.
– Hector gave me the news. – You guys all right?
– We’re okay. Apex knew
about the Megalodons. Tolley turned a blind eye
and counted his money. – We’ve got bigger problems.
– You got that right. I just went to the police but… they don’t have
the resources to help out. – What about the Navy?
– I tried. But Navy won’t violate
12-mile limit. I called the Coast Guard.
They can get a cutter down. – When?
– Not until the end of next week. That’s not
quick enough. So what do we do? We handle it ourselves. I know where
we can get explosives. No questions asked. We’ll use the minisub,
plant the charges, blow the cable
at the junction box. That’ll prevent Apex
from turning on the system. But we still have to deal
with the Meg. We know it’s attracted
to electricity. Let’s use it
to our advantage. I could string together a series
of high-voltage batteries. That’ll be enough
to bring him to us. – And how do we kill it?
– We don’t want to wound it and have it
swim back out to sea. We want something
that will not miss it. I got something
you ought to see. The Mark 44 torpedo. Taken out of service
15 years ago. Travels at 55 knots.
Has a range of 10 miles. Where did you get
that thing? The last sub I was on
was decommissioned. Lot of hardware. It’s better here
than in a scrap heap. Does it work? It’ll blow a hole clear through
the hull of a battleship. – What about a shark?
– Abso-fuckin-lutely. Okay, so the torpedo’s
hooked up and armed. Are we ready? The Mark 44 torpedo launch system’s
nominal, but– there’s a wrinkle. It wasn’t designed
for a biological target. It needs something
mechanical… or electrical. We need to tag
the Meg with this. It’ll send out a signal
to the torpedo. But somebody has
to get close to the shark. Not necessarily. Where’d you learn
to use a crossbow? I did a little
deer hunting in my day. All right, you two… get some sleep. Yes, sir. We’ll meet back here
at 8:00 a.m. Don’t be late. – I’m exhausted.
– Yeah, me too. But I’m really wired. Shall I take you home
and eat your pussy? Okay. The sardines
are in the can. Copy that. We’ll shadow you
from above. – You two be careful down there
– Yeah, we’ll be fine. Okay. Let’s get
this circus underway. ( lounge music playing ) All right,
talk to me. The harbor-master has barred
any boats from leaving the bay. – The fine is $5,000.
– Fine, pay it. You know how much
is riding on this today, how much money is standing
on that boat right now. That’s my future
and yours. – It’ll be fine.
– It better be. Don’t worry. A friend of mine here has
brought us a little insurance. Just in case
that shark shows up. Good. Let’s go. All right.
We’re closing in. – Ben: Getting close.
– Copy that. – What was that?
– Clear air turbulence. It happens
when you fly this low. – You’ll get used to it.
– Not likely. Okay, Ben. It’s all yours. Okay, we’re hooked on. Back away. Nice and easy. Piece of cake, right? Now the dot.coms
are all going under. Hey, how are you?
Nice to see you. Hey, how’s it going?
I’ll see you later. Hey, how’s it going? Here’s the cheers, honey. Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have
your attention for a moment? I would like to thank
all of you for coming on… what I’m sure will be a landmark
day for Apex Communications. Today… we begin official use… of a new generation
of communication technology. Okay. We’re clear by now. You want the honors? Okay, Porter. This is for you. That cable is history. Man: Dude, we just lost
the main junction box. Man #2: Well, switch
to the backup router. Man #1: I can’t.
There’s nothing there. The whole line’s completely dead.
Should we call Tolley? Not unless you want
to make the call. Take a look at that. – We’ve got a problem.
– Go ahead. – There’s a yacht out on the water.
– The harbor-master was supposed – to bar all traffic.
– Somebody didn’t listen. Within the next two years, we plan to build an entire network of fiber optic cables… spanning the globe and bringing the world together
as never before. ( guests clap ) Ladies and gentlemen, I propose a toast: to the future of Apex. Hear, hear! Cheers. – Where is your insurance?
– What? – The fucking grenade!
– It’s upstairs. Mayday! Mayday!
This is the Pacific Horizon. We’ve been struck and
the controls are not responding. – Mayday!
– What’s going on? The shark is attacking
the ship. Drop the box… and try to lure the shark away
so you can tag it. – We’re getting there.
– Copy that. I’m dropping the box. ( electric static ) Let’s go. Hold it steady.
Hold it steady. – Son of a bitch!
– I missed it. Don’t worry.
We’ll figure something out. – Here, take the wheel.
– What? What are you doing? Always carry a spare. It’s the Navy way. Whoa, Jesus! Okay. Time to get wet. Take the sub. There it is!
Throw the grenade! Jesus, what the hell
was that? Toss another one! God damn it! One, two, three! Chew on that! Come on! Come on!
Come on to daddy! Ben! Ben! Come in, Ben!
Ben! Pull up! Oh, yeah! I think you just passed
your driving test. All right, kid.
You’re on your own. What–? What? No! Oh my God! Ben! Come in! – Come in, Ben!
– I will go around again. Chuck: I’m ready. Okay. Damn. Got him!
Let’s get some distance. Oh shit! Can’t turn! Up yours, smart-ass! – Get your ass topside!
– Way to go, Ben. – I’ve lost the transmitter.
– Forget about it. – Get out of there!
– There has to be another way. There is no other way.
The torpedo needs a signal. – Wait, I’ve got an idea.
– What? I can’t explain. – Just wish me luck.
– All right. You got it. Boy, do I feel
underdressed. ( alarm sounds ) Come on, come on,
come on. Come on, baby. Torpedoes away,
motherfucker! Come on! Come on! Open, God damn it! Cat: Ben! I will call for help. Ben? Ben? I got him. Cat: Got him? Cat: Move over. Ben? Ben? Are you okay?
Ben? Ben? Listen to me.
Are you okay? – C’mon, kid.
– Are you okay? Come on, you’re okay. Mega-la-who? Man! Hey, where are
the cocktails? ( all laugh ) SUBTITTLE BY: DenoyCrooz


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