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SeaFood of Korangi, Karachi | Fish & Shrimps | Heera, Mushka, Kukkar, Sole & Prawns | Pakistani Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right now I’m at Kallu Chowk Korangi , Karachi. It’s a really vibrant environment here. So many different food stalls are setup here. But today I’m here on my friend’s recommendation… This is Meedu Fish Spot, with different styles of Fried Fish & Prawns & they’re amazing. So we decided to come here and try them out today. Let’s go & see what’s happening there. Salam uncle how are you Winter season is here & so are these Peanut stalls. These are Shami Kebabs & Parathas. This is Chana Dal. Really nice. They’re frying it on a Tava. As winters are here different stalls are selling Soup as well. On one side there are soup stalls & on the other there’s Pakola. Winter on one side & summers on the other. That’s the thing about Karachi. The weather’s really random here. It’s hot in the day & cold at night. That’s why there’s Fish & Pakola both. Absolutely. Finally we’re at Meedu Fish. Their name here is written “AH Fish Corner.” I’m here with Aslan. Let’s ask him more about this place. We’ve been here since 1977. And your father started all this? Yes. Someone told me this place is known as “Meedu Fish”? Actually Meedu was my father’s nickname. So people used to call him Meedu. Yeah So you only have Sea Food items here? Yes. And you’re open all seasons? Yep. What’s so special about your Fried Fish & Prawns that people are coming from everywhere to try it? It’s just their love. It’s the freshness of the Fish & our spices that people like. So how many kinds of fish you have? We have every kind of Fish here. And you’re doesn’t look after anymore? My father actually passed away so me & my brothers are looking after now. My brothers look after other things here. You’re Aslan’s cousin? Yes I am. So you guys do everything yourself? Yes exactly. Which fish are you frying here? It’s called “Kukar”. Kukar? Yep. What kinds of fish do you have? We have Kukar, Red Snapper, Sole Fish, Surmai Fish… And we have Fish Finger & Fried Prawns. What’s your best fish here? Our Fish Finger is the most popular here. And it’s made from Kukar? Yeah. And the Surmai Fish is kinda Bony yeah? No it isn’t that bony. You’re removing Fish Bones? Yes. So they remove the Fish Bones by hand. And you fry it as the orders arrive? Yes. That’s actually really good. Where are you from? I’m from Sialkot, Punjab. And did you know about this place? I’ve heard that their fish is really good. My friend actually brought me here to try out this place. Well then Welcome to Karachi! I’m from Tariq Road here. So how was the Fish? It was good. We had heard that the fish here is really good. It was also kinda hard to reach here ’cause of the route. Korangi is really far from the main city but people still come here. They’re now pouring the Marinade on the fish. Rehan wants me to try it out. It’s great. It’s best when you try it out fresh. Really nice! So Naeem, is this Masala your own recipe? Yes we prepare this ourselves. And this Chutney too? Yes. That’s their Chutney. What are its ingredients? All the ingredients in it are natural. We’ve added Coriander, Peppermint, Tomatoes & Chilies. These are the Prawns. What’s the rate? Rs. 2000 per KG. Prawns are usually expensive but they’re quite big in size. What fish is this? It’s the Red Snapper. These one’s are quite big in size. Our order is ready. Which one is this? This one’s Red Snapper, that’s Sole fish, Prawns & Kukar. The fish was amazing. I haven’t had anything like this in entire Karachi. I always recommend people to come here & try out this place. Fresh meat & excellent serving. Our fish is here & we had ordered Red Snapper, Sole, Prawns & “Kukar”. This Kukar fish is basically boneless. A lot of people think that it’s Shark meat or something else so it’s nothing like that. They were de-boning it right in-front of me. The best thing is that the Fish & Prawns don’t have any smell. Everything’s fresh & that’s a quality of fresh fish… …that it shouldn’t have any smell. Prawns are actually my favorite & they’ve also fried them perfectly. So I’ll first try out their Prawns. What’s this? This is Mushka (Croaker). Our Mushka is here too & these Prawns are really good. This is the Kukar Fish. I’ll try it with some Chutney first. This is the Sole Fish. A quite big chunk. It’s a also really fresh. Just check it out. Sole’s different from all the others. It’s Saltwater fish right? This one’s the Mushka (Croaker). They have variety of Fishes & we ordered most of it. Every fish is amazing, with perfect spices. Undoubtedly one of the best places to eat seafood. And specially the Prawns. These are my favorite. Let’s try out the Red Snapper (Heera). It looks so delicious. All of these fishes taste amazing. But this Red Snapper is completely different. It’s meat is a bit fatty. That’s because it’s really big in size. Overall everything was perfect. This place is a hidden gem of Karachi. A lot of people don’t know about this place. So if you want to enjoy some amazing Seafood in Winters… …then you should definitely try this place at Kallu Chowk Korangi & enjoy this fish. I hope you liked today’s video… …and if you did then please be sure to like comment & share. I’ll see you in the next episode. Allah Hafiz!


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