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Shark attack victim reunites with rescuers

shark – badly wounded, screaming for help in water 500 yards off the shore of Lanikai. Good evening, I’m Kenny Choi. I’m Yunji de Nies. It’s KITV4 Exclusive. A father and son in one man canoes, heard swimmer Tony Lee calling out and rushed to the rescue. Their quick action, likely saved his life. 2458 TONY: JULIAN, AW, MAN BUDDY, YOU SAVED MY LIFE MAN. YOU REALLY DID. YOU DID TOO! 2504 JULIAN THIS IS MY SON CHARLIE, I DON’T KNOW IF YOU MET. TONY: WELL, WE KINDA SAID HELLO HA HA. 2510 Their hello…unlike any other. YOU’RE LOOKING BETTER THAN WHEN I LAST SAW YOU. TONY: YEAH, I’M FEELING BETTER NOW. The last time these men were together… Tony Lee was close to death…bleeding profusely in the water, after fighting off a shark. HE WAS A BIG GUY AND HE BOTH MY LEGS IN HIS MOUTH. Big.. And relentless.. Pulling him underwater … repeatedly! The wounds on his hands a reminder of the punches he threw, desperate to break free. I HAD GOGGLES ON, SO I COULD SEE THINGS REALLY CLEARLY, AND I KEPT THINKING THAT IF I JUST KEPT PUNCHING HIM HE WOULD LET ME GO – HE WASN’T DO IT. HE PULLED ME DOWN ONE LAST TIME, SO I JUST REACHED OUT AND PUT MY FINGER IN HIS EYE AND PULLED OUT HIS EYE BALL. AND SO HE LET GO 143 SO I GOT TO THE SURFACE I WAS HOLDING HIS EYE BALL. SO I LET IT GO AND WAS TREADING WATER. Lee was 500 yards off shore…there was no way he could make it back on his own… 205 OUT OF NOWHERE, TWO GUYS WITH KAYAKS CAME UP AND IT WAS A FATHER AND A SON, AND THEY REALLY, THEY REALLY SAVED MY LIFE. 215 It was pure chance that Julian and Charlie Liverton were there. They had been catching waves in their one man canoes by the Mokes, when Dad’s boat got a crack in it. As they headed back, they heard Lee’s screams. Julian Liverton pulled him up, and tied his rash guard around Lee’s bleeding legs. 2620 YOU WERE SO SMART TO PUT YOUR RASH GUARD THERE AS A TORNIQUET. JULIAN: IT WAS ALL WE COULD DO, ALL WE COULD DO. IT WAS JUST THE REACTION. TONY: YOU TRULY, TRULY SAVED MY LIFE MAN. 32 Lee’s right, doctors say just a few more minutes in the water and he could have died. He’s lost one foot – and will undergo surgery tomorrow to try to save the other. The 44-year old is an avid athlete – and doctors say will make a big difference in his recovery. I WANT TO GET BACK OUT THERE. I LIKE HIKING AND I LIKE BIKING, I LOVE SURFING BUT IT’S PROBABLY GONNA BE A WHILE BEFORE I GET BACK IN THE WATER AGAIN. I GOT A LITTLE PTSD, 1336 YOU KNOW, SOMETIMES WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES I CAN STILL SEE THE SHARK. 1339 AND I’M GONNA A LITTLE FREAKED OUT TO GET BACK IN THE WATER AGAIN. He has a long road ahead…but his spirit is strong. I’M GONNA TRY TO MAKE THE BEST USE OF MY LIFE. IT’S SUCH A MIRACLE I’M ALIVE. A miracle, thanks to this father and son. YOUR POP IS A REAL HERO AND SO ARE YOU. 2635 Lee has so many people to thank – including the paramedics and the team at Queens. He lost so much blood – he needed massive transfusions – and received the equivalent of two full body blood transfusions. He’s so grateful to those who donate blood – and is encouraging others to do the same.

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