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Shark Fighter! – Rhys Darby – Full Episode – The Aquabats! Super Show!

previously on the Aquabats Super Show Man!
Gettin’ out here your bestest buddies enjoying nature together…
it’s like we’re all brothers. brothers on the ocean in nature together. Yeah it’s just so peaceful and quiet out here Yeah. Why is it so quiet? It’s REALLY quiet It’s not that quiet. I can still hear all of these
little fish swimming fast toward shore Shark Attack! (Screaming) What’s up now, Sharks? Yeah….Nice fins… you fish! (laughing) Well, you know Crash.. Fish are pretty stupid. they don’t have legs,
so they can’t chase you on land Land Sharks! (screaming) I’ve got this! I’ve been playing that Shark Fighter game
all week and I’m super good at it. (8-bit music plays) (growling) Crash, get the sharks to circle you. when you get enough gold coins, punch
them in the nose and they’ll explode. Okay. Run. Punch them.
Gold coins in the nose. Explode. Got it.
>>Good Ricky… (screaming) Run and grab all the power pellets you can
before crash runs out of energy Uh…Ok.. I’m on it. Go…
Robot… use that seaweed to make a
golden lasso We’re gonna need it for the bonus round. Commander, what are you talking about? we have a golden lasso back
on the Battle Tram. Commander, this isn’t a video game these are real.. Land Sharks! Oh Back up men in bright blue, This is my life! I am.. The Shark Fighter! all right Whoa! Wow Good move! yeah that was pretty good, man you’re pretty good. Yeah. When it comes to fighting sharks,
I’m the best. Hmmm I’m not boasting, it’s
something I read So… It was a nighmare. Those sharks took her away from me They took her… They took. her away. from me (8-bit music playing) So I decided to dedicate my life. to hunting down those cold, unfeeling
monsters of the night Wherever there may be sharks…. there will be… The Shark Fighter! I can’t believe you’re real! Yeah, neither can i sometimes but if I wasn’t real… Could I do this? Hey!! Stop stabbin’ my fruit! what do you think…
fruit grows on trees? Whoa hoa! You’ve gotta teach me those cool shark
fighting moves Hold your horses, Crash! Man does not choose to
walk on the path of danger… danger chooses to walk on the man But you don’t even know. I’m totally dangerous. Crash, I don’t think that’s what
he’s trying to say Maybe not, Jimmy the Robot. but that is what the universe is trying
to say Crash! it seems you’re ready to walk
the path of my quest. alright! I always love a good quest. Yeah…when do we start? Uh Uh! It’s only Crash! but. Nope! I’ve spoken. Crash. You ready? let the training begin.. Ooh. Wait. First! you’re gonna need this! Whoa! A cartoon? (Laughing) Sorry. I didn’t realize that was in there. Not the cartoon… it’s the filthy red rag A bandana? It’s a training banana. AWESOME!!! (whistle blows) (shark fighter song plays) Where’s Crash? (shark fighter song plays) (music Plays)
Little Brother. Little Brother Little Brother. (music Plays)
Little Brother to play with me. (music Plays)
Little Brother. Little Brother Little Brother. (music Plays)
Little Brother to play with me. (music plays)
You’ll go everywhere with me. (music plays)
You can climb a tree. (music plays)
Share a soda pop. You can swing with me. (music plays)
You can even play ball. You can do it all. music Plays)
Little Brother. Little Brother
You’re my very best friend ’til the end. (music plays)
we’re going to be best friends. (evil laugh)
straight jacket and restraining harness
sold separately. From Gloopy! And you know what else? It really smells
in here has anyone taken out the trash lately? well technically that job belongs to Crash. and he’s… Been too busy hanging out
with Sharky Pants! Oh! Hey! where’s your new best friend? Oh. Let me guess. he’s training monkeys
to fight giraffes Nah. He’s in the lab. I’m making me a power shake..
tryin’ to bulk up. You know Crash? while you’ve been training, we’ve all had to
pick up your slack around here I mean I almost thought about
taking out the trash you guys don’t understand. He’s teaching me stuff. He’s the big brother I never had. When I was a kid.. I had a dream… I dreamt that I lived on an island
made of breakfast cereal. and I would walk around all day
just eating stuff… Like Cocoa Rocks! and crunchy berries but my mouth would get really dry. the worst part of it was that
there was no milk on the island just salt water from
the ocean and lemonade from some weird
lemonade stand but I didn’t want lemonade
what I really wanted was milk you know for all free cereal. a talking fruit copter told me
there was milk on the island “there is milk on
the island but it is being held hostage” by the clown baby who lives in the
bungalows behind the marshmallow plants” so ran as fast I could find the clown
baby. When I ran, I felt sick, i had to stop when I opened my mouth I had
spider teeth. I tried to kill my teeth with lemonade,
but the lemonade was on FIRE! That’s when I heard a roar. Just when I thought all hope was lost, a
magical green Tiger came out of the jungle on an orange flying disk.
he told me to get on his back and he would take me to the clown baby to get a drink of
milk “Get on my back and I will take you to the
clown baby to get a drink of milk” but I couldn’t Just then I shrunk down into a grasshopper.
and all of my spider teeth were trying to eat me And that tiger just flew away.
Then I woke up. and that’s why I wish I had an
older brother You know…to give me a ride to the clown baby Uhhhhh random! hello Crash
Aren’t we like the brothers you never had?>>Come in, The Aquabats>>This is cadet Cookie Bat calling the Aquabats!>>Come in Aquabats! it’s a distress signal from an
Aquacadet! Cookie Bat reporting, from Chupa Vista State Park Weird, mutant sharks have taken over the park. We need your help, The Aquabats! We’ll be right there Cookie Bat! Hurry! It must be the land sharks
that attacked us on the beach if this is the case, we may need the shark
fighters expertise again to overcome this fierce force of four fin foes you want him to help us?
he’s the reason those shirts got away in the first place what are you talking about? he saved me.
those sharks was trying to eat me you were fine. I was just using you as bait.
that guy wrecked my whole strategy Wait. What?
I was the bait? Yes There’s no time to argue
those sharks can be closing in on a beach filled with helpless children or orphans orphans? I need to go get my shark brother ah. I mean. I need to go get my shark fighter Ahhh. I need to go get THE Shark Fighter Great! Remainder of the Aquabats!
Let’s go! Where are the orphans? Ahhh. These mutated mako
sharks from the Supernova Scotia Islands appear to be migrating inland This could be tricky Okay! So what do we do? Well, you just grab ’em and break ’em Crash. you hang with me! Let’s see how your training’s
progressed, huh? Wingman! (Screaming) Whoa. Assess! Assessment Over! We need to get to higher ground let’s get on that jungle gym we can
blast ’em Kkay scanning. Crash. We need you! They’re just too slippery! Oh no. I’ve gotta
see if the Commander’s okay Oh tell him to get out of the way or
he’s gonna get a harpoon int he gut. there’s coins in this fountain gold coins are you okay? I’m better than okay I have a plan He’s got a plan! So do I Fight the sharks! You guys ready to become shark bait? Might as well. then it’s time to chum the fountain Brilliant Commander
let them bring the fight to us where are we gonna find chum
in the middle of the park Hey Guys! I found chum in the middle of
the park this chum is freezing ew. (sniffing) I hope you know what
your doing, Commander Of course I do now just wait until you see their beady
little shark eyes and then punch them in the nose Punch ’em Coins! Throw Coins. Jimmy. Scoops! Scoops! Gold coins…in the mouth Punch! more coins. Commander, It’s working! They’re getting weighed down. Shark Fighter.
Take your shot say goodbye, sea urchins Glad I’m not on cleanup I love it when a plan comes together And a shark comes apart (laughing) Nice work, Bat Commander You too, Shark Fighter Ahh. That’s a given. (laughing) Thanks for your help
and your training You know you could come
with me. The two of us together. We could be the greatest shark-fighting team the world has ever known or we could go unknown… up to you. I can’t They’re no good without me Besides They need a big brother, too. I
don’t deserve this Oh no. Hey hey hey.
That’s yours. You did deserve it. besides you’ve sweated all over it. If you don’t mind though,
I’ll take that necklace back there’s a certain mermaid
I’ve got the hots for. I forgot to call her back on the shell phone this might do the trick Well Adios Amigos take it easy
with your friends Goodbye Crash Mclarson Gotta give him style points for that exit Is he riding that otter like a motorcycle? Yes Ricky. I think he is. The universe would have
wanted it that way Goodbye, my friends! Well! What have we learned about
ourselves today, Old Chum? I learned that big brothers need big brothers too That’s True. and even though I need a big brother,
I need to be a big brother… to my brothers Yeah. And what would we do
without our big brother? (crying) Getting emotional (crying) Getting EMOTIONAL! Big Brother! Whoa! Our Big Brother! You are our big brother! Are ears ‘sposed to smell like that? Ewww. Gosh! So much wax in there.


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