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“Shark Tank” Investors Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary on Biggest Deals Yet in New Season | The View

>>>Hey, we’re back with mark Cuban and Kevin o’leary. Meghan?>>So I really just want to continue talking politics, but you are here to promote your show. Not that anyone needs to know, but you have a little baby show called “Shark tank.” Let’s talk about that.>>Moving to Friday nights.>>Moving to Friday nights. My husband and I when we first started dating, we got snowed into a cabin and we watched nothing but “Shark tank.”>>Are you still married?>>We’re still married and that’s our, like, thing.>>It’s so romantic.>>We love it.>>It’s such a great show.>>It was romantic too, but we love it. We watch it all the time.>>It’s on ABC.>>Give us a preview of what’s coming up this season.>>Bigger deals, incredible products now. People realize that “Shark tank” is a platform to launch a business because we have millions of people that see it through syndication. You can take an idea and turn it into a huge success on “Shark tank.”>>Yeah.>>As a result, we have tens of thousands of offerings and so we’re able to pick some incredible ideas.>>My favorite part is we’re family-friendly, right? It is one show where you can have a 6-year-old, 8-year-old, 10-year-old, 82-year-old, all watching the show together. And we send the message that the American dream is alive and well. We have kids coming up to us all the time, I started a business because I’m watching with my mom and dad on “Shark tank.”>>I like it when people mess up.>>It doesn’t work out for everybody, and it could bring a bad evaluation. You’re going to run into me.>>I can’t believe you guys messed up on the ring doorbell.>>Oh, come on. No.>>I don’t think we did. I would make the same decision.>>I offered them $600,000, you recall. Mark gave him nothing.>>That’s true. That’s true.>>Who’s the meanest one of all of you?>>Mark is.>>I am.>>Barbara is really nice.>>You can be really mean.>>No, I can’t. I love Barbara, right? She has the best people skills of all.>>Something that still bothers me, she said that rich kids and kids of famous people will never be successful. It still pisses me off.>>Me and my kids.>>Barbara has some very eclectic ideas. That’s the best way to put it.>>Before we go, I want to ask you you’re one of the owners of the Dallas mavericks and kobe’s memorial was yesterday and you said you’re going to retire the number 24 in honor of kobe.>>Yes.>>And that you support changing the NBA logo to kobe. I think that’s really great.>>Thank you.>>What will you remember?>>Sometimes you pick up old phones and you turn them on and I was doing that three days ago and I picked up a phone and I had a whole string of messages with kobe.>>Oh wow.>>And just talking about, you know, doing business after his retirement, and how he was coming onto my turf and I was going to kick his ass in the business world and him coming back and saying, let’s go at it. You know, kobe just is a legend, and the message he sent, you know — let me just say this. The best thing out of this tragedy, it was the first time I have ever seen people who have never seen each other, known each other, come together and hug, cry, kiss each other, and if that’s his legacy forever, we’ll love him forever.>>Yeah. [ Applause ]>>The strength that his wife showed yesterday –>>Unbelievable.>>Was unbelievable.>>I don’t know how she did it.>>It’s sad because it was her child. Terrible.>>Families. Whole families.>>Listen. This is one of those things where you hug your kids and –>>Absolutely.>>– And go for the things that you realize are meaningful in life because it changes like that.>>It doesn’t matter how famous you are.>>It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter. You know what does matter? The fact that you two came here to hang with us today. Our thanks to mark Cuban and Kevin o’leary.


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