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she’s obsessed with Baby Shark

you wanna do the box again you don’t
want to go see bye to mama and dad so I didn’t really do any kind
of intro for this video but I’m watching Eliza today but yeah I’m watching Eliza
tonight and I wasn’t planning on blogging anything but she was being
really cute he’s so cute so I decided to start filming a little bit because you
want me to touch your hair no I’m sorry do you wanna touch my hair no look I got
really long hair I really wish I was filled me when I got here because I
brought her these new slippers and they’re frozen slippers and they’re so
cute she loves Elson oh right my phone just stopped recording yeah one second
say one minute but she loves Elsa and Anna and when I gave her the slippers
she was so happy and she put them right on her feet now she won’t take them off
I really wish I was filming when I gave her the slippers cuz he was so cute come
show me your slippers who’s on your slippers who’s that one another Elsa
Anna yeah see her you know what let’s do it on the
TV how are you alright who’s this hey girl it’s Daniel oh it’s me okay that’s
fine baby shark you say hi I was trying to distract her
from that but she remembers everything now see oh okay
in one minute okay one minute be sleeping baby are you sleeping
oh you’re awake okay um I might have done a bad thing by showing her that
video she’s only ever heard this song kinda like say anything but I showed you
like my ring is it pretty do you know who gave it to me gave it to
me do you miss uncle Adam yeah yeah do you
want to say anything to him no no you can take it off or you take
your slippers off what oh yeah she’s inside there too you want them back on do you need help I think you can do it
yeah okay you got it Oh Oh impact one do you need help putting
your slippers back on on your hands slippers on your hands is
silly my caring they go on your feet silly was it just a kitty do you want to go check do you hear it it’s cry oh it’s cars
open I hear a kitty Suki say hi Suki man come here Suki she
went under the table Sookie say hi show her your slippers maybe she likes them
sofie’s girl she’s a little scaredy-cat hey Sookie see I want to pet you you what what are you doing crazy
oh you sitting in my lap no oh you don’t want you don’t want me to film no Jimmy
turn it off do me – turn it off okay No yeah do you
want a FaceTime Uncle Adam and say good night
no thank you no thank you okay okay well it is bitch I love you I
do love you know I know we’re having so much fun open the door it’s bedtime what are you
doing you silly it’s bedtime I’m sorry
let’s change a diaper for your pajamas on and get comfy and we can read a book
come on let’s go read a book come on Liza come on Liza oh all right
come on see the kiddies trying to get the
birdies okay George yeah look at all the chickens in the
henhouse where have they hidden their eggs eggs you get one more book okay oh you want
that one okay okay ready the wheels on the bus go oh all right I just put Eliza down before
bed and she was she was fighting me she had me holed up every single baby to
show her because she wanted one to take to bed but she said no to every single
one I showed her so it took me a minute to get her to just choose one and go to
bed so she is now trying to fall asleep
usually what I do on Tuesday nights after I put her down for bed is I will
kind of clean up her toys and stuff that she played with and I’ll do a workout
like just a little one and then he’s kind of chill watch some YouTube so I
think that’s what I’m gonna do for the night yeah like I said I wasn’t really
expecting to vlog tonight she was just being so cute and yeah I just wanted to
film a little bit more of her just being so cute and growing up because it’s
crazy how fast she’s growing up oh my gosh she’s getting so big and talking so
much I love right now she calls me Taiyo which i think is the cutest thing ever
the other night Luca Rachel were driving me home from
somewhere and I was sitting there holding Eliza’s hand in the back of the
car and we got to my house and I had to go and she started crying and she’s like
and Rachel said after I left and they drove off she kept crying for me and to
just like go to bed and she was so sad I love her so much she’s so cute oh my
gosh okay I’m gonna stop going on about her but I hope you guys enjoyed watching
me just kind of hang out with Eliza tonight like I said she just had a
really cute fun age so my next few videos will be bittersweet because Adam
and I are moving and this is the first time I’m saying that out on YouTube
we’re moving and I’ll give you all the details in the next few videos and I’ll
show you our new place and I’ll show you our old place just for memories sake and
all that so stay tuned for those videos and yeah I’ll see you guys later bye


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