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Should You Get an Air Fryer?

  • umm…. i make fires in my actifry every other day. and they are crispy just like deep fried.
    i also might add, this is one of the ONLY devices you can you to renew soggy left over fries that no one would normally eat……
    i think you should TRY the devices BEFORE you actually make a review of them.

  • I use Glade candles to heat my food so I already get the benefits of air but maybe I should make the jump. However it couldn't be easier to clean

  • I've been debating on buying one after hearing great things from a lot of people. I'm glad I read the comments instead of accepting the video at face value. The comment section has spoken and air fryers are in fact worth the purchase.

  • Oh God,… what a bulshit.
    Hi Guy! The things you say is like you had two left hands if you couldn't fry properly in airfryer.
    And what you show as a dirt inside is just brain cancer. I wish to see, how do you clean that "lovely" oven "not in microwave".
    I put all drawer to dishwasher, and, NO, not affecting at all to non-stick coating. Maybe you had some "acid chicken" and now, you got "acid experience".
    sorry, but crap.

  • My Bella air fryer which I bougjt in Macys have a very strong plastic smell when Im using it. Does anyone have the same experience?

  • Nice thank you for saving my money I was about to buy an air fryer but you guys saved me as I already have a convection oven

  • Got an air fryer and it’s great during the summer because when you have to use your home oven and try to cook some Frys or chicken etc it’s the best thing plus if you want “fried” food just spray some Pam on it and bam there you go crispy frys and hash browns without all the extra heat in the house and standing over a hot stove frying the food

  • Been using countertop convection ovens (like the Deni and Aroma) for years and like them a lot. I don't like the current air fryers on the market because you can't see what you are cooking and you can't put as much food into them. Great video thank you for posting.

  • After owning and using the air fryer almost everyday, I can say air fryers are so much better than an oven. I can actually cook meat and vegetable without any oil in the air fryer and in half the time. Meat without oil will burn and dry out in the oven and take so much longer to cook.

  • Thank you, exactly what I was looking for … same cooking method so why choose one over the other. I won't be purchasing an air "fryer".

  • Love air fryer. The toaster and an oven makes so much heat. By heat, i mean it heats up the whole house. The air fryer does not heat up the whole house.

  • Yes it is also a convection oven. The rest is total and utter BULL. Had such an oven for a long time and will not get into all the details you've got wrong. Never read the manual? It is a fine piece of equipment and it works very good. JUS RTFM !! you *d*ot

  • I was kinda zoned out watching on the what's next then I happen to notice 4:45 where my mans put a raw burger on top of fries. Come on cuz, can't be doing it like that.

  • They are mini conversation ovens. I have realized this for years. But because of their small size it cooks many this quicker

  • I DISAGREE with him,.. These are Perfect for smaller living spaces n single person to maks a cake, , fried/Convection Baking,.. also if you spritz foos with oil spray, it frys the food,.. Just doesnt Drown the food

  • So not actually…."should you get an airfryer?" But actually….we are biased and prefer convection ovens over airfryers so will do a video to make you think airfryers are crap instead of making an actual video showing the pros and cons of BOTH cooking appliances so you can make you own informed decision……🤦

  • I bought a Ninja Air Fryer at Costco for Can$99.00. To me it was a novelty item. I already own an oven, pressure cooker, Blendtec, etc but not a convection oven. So I now have a greater variety of cooking devices. So far I have used my air fryer to cook chicken breasts and sausages. Both results were good. I expect to use it often but not daily. The info from the video was useful. I am single and 75 years old

  • Totally agree with what you're saying BUT ! It's not the whole picture and you're showing a distinct bias, not good, makes you look look like Phillips refused to sponsor you while Cuisinart did. Lets talk about what you omitted. 1. there are different types of air-fryers, I have a Tefal which has a paddle that physically rotates the contents being cooked. So my following comments are specific to paddle type air-fryers. 2. They are fryers because they require OIL, albeit a small amount. 3. Roasted nuts are spectacular, I do mostly Almonds but any nut will work. Cook and leave for 10 mins to cool. Yep, you can do them in the oven on a tray, but not as good. 4. Roast potatoes cook faster and crisper in the air-fryer and have great colour. Super delicious if you cut your potato into small pieces and throw some garlic and rosemary in for the last 5 mins. FINALLY, a lot of the add-ons for the airfryer are the manufacture trying to extend the appeal. All kitchen appliances do their prime function well, anything else (if it works) is a bonus. This is horses for courses, I love my bench-top convection oven and I love airfryer. Sorry Lesley and Michael, you get a FAIL for bias and ignorance.

  • This is a biased review and gives the perspective from a large family point of view. The exact air fryer he is showing is $200 not $250. Takes half the countertop space as the convection stove top. Easier to clean with removable tray that is dishwasher safe. Perfect for 1-2 people who don't need to overcrowd their food. That's why they sell so well. Marketing campaigns have little to do with it.

  • I think its a good device because a convention oven would sht 500* of heat unevenly while this device even out the heat like a sandstorm just peeling away human flesh from the toe to the the brow.

  • I have a breville convection oven. Works great. Save the money get better results. Gee no decision. If I spend the money I will upgrade to the breville to the 1 cubic foot air which can do a 10 lb Turkey. Definitely worth a like.

  • You make NO SENSE! You can every bit use oven safe cook wear that you already own in an Air Fryer, as long as it fits. AND you can pretty much buy an accessories kit for any Air Fryer out there off Amazon for around $20, so you can layer food and bake. A spritz of Olive Oil spray on air fried food makes it crisp up like you deep fried it but without all the grease. I've put (these where to thigh stuck together and separated after flipping) FROZEN bone-in chicken thighs (spritz with olive oil while frozen and season both sides) in my AF for 20 minutes, then flip for another 20 minutes and they were perfectly cooked, crispy and delicious. Your food came out wrong because you didn't flip over your food and by the way you need to do that no matter how you cook your food, oven, frying pan, convection or AF. NO Air Fryers are not all as expensive as the Philips. GoWise and Cosori are both very good brands and extremely affordable. And last but not least since you made it seem so cool, AF's can make toast too….SMH!!!

  • And they didn't even mention the air. Where do you buy the air for an air fryer? I've asked employees at Walmart and Target, they look at me like "Duh!" So I can totally see why Trump needs to be impeached and Socialism is rad.

  • Thanks. I thought they were the same. I have a fairly large toaster convection oven but I never tried the convection mode. I also won't use cookware that isn't stainless steel or cast iron although I will line a baking pan with aluminum foil. The Hamilton Beech model I bought cost under 100 dollars. It also has a rotisserie. I'm thinking of getting a real fryer which is closer to 50 dollars. One day I might get a pressure fryer for about 1000 dollars. I assume peanut oil is the best for frying because it has the highest smoke temperature.

  • READ THE COMMENTS. These guys are not quite correct in their comparisons. If you’re a single person or a couple these are a quick easy way to heat up food and to cook things fast. They also don’t throw a lot of heat and use far less electricity than a conventional oven. You have to know how to use the tool and in my kitchen I have both convection oven and an air fryer and prefer the air fryer for most days. A toaster oven is still very small also so you still have to use your oven if you wanted to cook a whole chicken. If you get a larger air fryer you can actually cook a chicken in the air fryer and it will have a crispy skin. I don’t know what the backgrounds of these guys are but I don’t think it’s in cooking.

  • The issue is at least partially energy-use. Your convection oven will use much more energy preheating and baking than these little air-fryers. Secondly, if the food item has fat on the surface and the surface is exposed to a 350 degrees convection dry-heat, the fat on the surface will "fry" the surface. If you're cooking for one or two, you'll save money and time, in the long run.

  • Thank you for this video. I bought an air fryer a week ago and I’m going to return it. I already have a convection oven so I certainly didn’t do my research. Thank you for enlightening me.

  • I like my airfryer much better than my oven when cooking for myself. Its quicker, the food comes out better, and it's easier to clean. A lot of the negatives discussed here don't apply if you are cooking single servings anyway.

  • Coming soon to a landfill near you! or just wait 3 years and they'll be at every garage sale for $10. THANK YOU for sharing this. In under a minute you confirmed what I thought—its just a mini much less effecient convection oven that takes up a lot of space.

  • He is downgrading air fryer on purpose because he is getting paid to do that, using an air fryer is healthier and easy to clean I just brought one and it works well for me and my son. Everyone knows you don't overfill the basket time your meal and you can still feed a family of six or more. everyone enjoy your air fryer if you don't have one get one.

  • Thank you so much ✨.. after seeing this I have decided to not get one. I can just turn on the fan on my oven to get the same effect✌️.

  • Air fryers are the appliance for the illiterate and overly impressionable. It's for stupid people. I know of no evidence that eating air fried food actually makes you stupid – but why take chances?

    Fried foods are not bad for you. Read up dummy. A deep fryer is faster and cheaper as well as producing better tasting food.

  • I can assure you, an air fryer isn't the same thing as a convection oven. One difference is that air fryers contain an exhaust system that blows out moisture and hot air. This means that your food gets crispier. An other advantage is that air fryers pre heat much quicker and have shorter baking times compared to ovens.

  • Even if you package cow poop / dog poop and convince millennials out there, they will throw money at u… give ur product a fancy name also get a celebrity to advertise ur cow poop on instagram and the rest is smile to the bank. AirFryer is a joke! Some folks have very sophisticated cookers n oven at home, they will still buy AirFryer that does same thing.

  • Moral of the story: stick to your conventionally oven at home. AirFryer is just a fancy name. Only gullible people fall for this hack!

  • Food comes out like shit in these air fryers. I filled it up to the brim with chicken and it was still soggy and not crispy where the air doesn't hit

  • An AIr Fryer typically is fan forced, most small convection ovens (as shown) are not. The small internal volume of the Air Fryer tends to allow the device to reach the set temperature a lot faster than typical convection ovens, especially full size electric ovens. This reduces the amount of power used by the device prior to cooking. Once you start to cook, again, due to the small internal volume of the Air Fryer they are far more efficient in the cooking process and meals generally take a lot less time to cook,..again saving on power (and time in the kitchen). You tend to use less oil on food when 'frying' (i e chips/french fries) Lastly, most Air Fryer heating elements are around the 1500W mark (in 240V kitchens) which, compared to a full size oven which is around 2000-2400W. Again saving on power. Whilst a small standard convection (as shown) is quite capable of heating and cooking food, they tend not to be as quick or as versatile. i.e I can not put a 1.5kg whole chicken and veg (for 2 people) in my small convection oven, but I can put them all in my 4.2litre Air Fryer. IMHO and YMMV. Cheers. 🙂 .. P..S I can put my Air Fryer basket in the dishwasher too 🙂

  • it's nice to see a review on you tube that really is an honest review, I was almost going to buy one of these because of all the buzz, but it just would have been a waste of money for me, I agree that the convection oven is absolutely the better deal. ty

  • My air fryer gets my fries and stuff crispy. Taste better than in an oven. And it's healthier your food is not cooked and soaked in grease

  • I was watching foods done in Air Fryer specially the steak….The other side doesn't look right I thought it cooks evenly & the food looks dry you have to think of ways to juice it up no wonder they started with $60.00 then $100 and $150.00 prices just like a car dealer to see if it sells good then they will mark it up more now $240.00 I'll stick with convection…..

  • All of my friends have been telling me to buy an air fryer but I kept asking them how in the world does that work?! How does it fry with no oil. They couldn’t explain it and I had a strong suspicion that it was Bogus. Here we are ladies and gentlemen sure as shit same thing as my toaster oven haha. My generation is so confused 🤦🏽‍♂️.

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