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Shredded Chicken Enchiladas | A Sweet Pea Chef

A breast of chicken, and how many times can
I say chicken? Sorry. Hey, guys, this is Lacey Baier with A Sweet
Pea Chef, and today I’m going to be making my shredded chicken enchiladas. This recipe
is my most popular recipe on my blog. It’s been pinned over 47,000 times on Pinterest,
and one of the things that I think makes this recipe so awesome, in addition to being super
tasty and delicious, it’s also really easy to make. It makes plenty of leftovers, and
you can also freeze it. So let’s get started! So the first step in getting this meal started
is to get the chicken ready to shred. In order to do that, we need to season it with salt
and pepper and add it to some enchilada sauce mixed with minced garlic. One thing I want to mention is that for this
recipe, I don’t make my own enchilada sauce. I buy it at the store in a can and it’s super
tasty. Don’t hate, don’t judge, it’s still going to be good, and you don’t have to make
everything from scratch if you don’t have to. So this is just a mild sauce that I bought
at the store, and it’s still going to be yummy. Next, grab a deep skillet and add the two
cloves minced garlic to the enchilada sauce, and heat that on medium high until that starts
to boil. Then, get the chicken and generously season with salt and pepper, then nestle that
on into the boiling sauce, until it’s all nice and cozy in there. Cover that, and then
reduce the heat to low, and cook that for about 15 to 20 minutes until the chicken is
fully cooked. Okay, now it’s time to shred some chicken.
So now that it’s cooked, go ahead and turn the heat off. Remove the chicken and set it
on a cutting board, and using two forks, back to back, go ahead and just pull apart the
meat until it starts shredding, and once you get the technique, it’s going to be super
easy, you’ll never forget how to do it. Go ahead and shred all the chicken and set it
in in a bowl to the side. In a large mixing bowl, we’re going to combine
the shredded chicken, half of the enchilada sauce, half of the Monterey Jack cheese, half
of the sharp cheddar cheese, and all the chopped cilantro. Going to mix that up until it’s nice and good,
and then set that aside. Now that we have all the filling ready to
go, it’s time to start rolling the tortillas, but I want to mention one quick tip. Normally,
if you just take the tortillas and you get them nice and pliable by wrapping them in
some paper towels, and popping them in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds, that’s fine,
that will make them nice and rollable. The problem with that though is that they will
actually start to break when they start to cook. Still super tasty, and you don’t add
extra oil or anything, so that’s fine. Another way to do it though, is you can actually get
each tortilla and fry it in a little bit of vegetable oil on medium high heat, and allow
those to dry on a paper towel, and then use those pretty quickly after frying, and roll
those, and that will keep them a little more sturdy while you’re cooking. So, go ahead and start pre-heating your oven
now to 425 degrees, and while that’s pre-heating, grab a baking dish. I use about a 9 by 13
inch one, and either lightly coat it with cooking spray or olive oil, and get ready
to roll some enchiladas. So take one of those nicely pliable corn tortillas
you have and put it on a flat surface, and then grab about a third of a cup of that cheesy,
enchilada, chicken-y goodness, and spread it out in a line along the tortilla. Roll
that bad boy up, stick it seam side down into the baking dish, and repeat that until all
of the baking dish is full, then it’s time to start to stick those in the oven. Before sticking the enchiladas into the oven,
lightly brush the enchiladas with either olive oil or spray with cooking spray, and that’s
going to allow them to get nice and golden-y brown. So go ahead, after doing that, pop
them in the over for about 8 to 10 minutes until they start to get nice and golden brown
on the top. Don’t worry about the sauce and the cheese, we’ll get to those later. So now it’s time to carefully remove the pan
from the oven. We’re going to pour the rest of the enchilada sauce over that, followed
by the rest of the cheeses, and then sprinkle about a tablespoon of freshly chopped cilantro
all over the entire dish. We’re going to lightly cover it with some tinfoil, pop it back in
the oven at 400 degrees this time for about 20 minutes. So now very carefully remove the tinfoil from
the dish and continue to cook it for about 5 to 10 minutes until the cheese is golden,
and juicy, and yummy, and really good looking. Okay, so now remove the whole shebang from
the oven and let it sit for five minutes, and get ready to eat it. So there you have it, super easy and delicious
shredded chicken enchiladas. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and to get more easy to
follow, super tasty recipes, subscribe to my YouTube channel,
Thank you! And today I’m going to be ma- I’m going to be making my sweet- Non-stick- Pan, or not the pan, but the baking dish. No. You don’t spray olive oil. Now that the- Tinfoil from the pan, in the oven.


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