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Simple Chicken Soup | Food Network

[music playing] HOST: So I’m going to so you
make simple chicken soup. And to do that, you
can use your leftover rotisserie chicken that
you bought from the store the night before. To start, we’re going to
put it in a stock pot. We’re going to cover
the rotisserie chicken with chicken broth. And if you don’t have
enough chicken broth, that’s totally fine. You can use water,
but it might not have that intense chicken flavor. And you just want there to be
enough of the chicken broth to cover the rotisserie
chicken completely. Now that we’ve added
the chicken broth, we’re going to turn the heat on
high and bring it up to a boil. And then once it’s boiling,
we’re going to reduce that to a simmer for 20 minutes. We’re going to take
a ladle and you can see that there’s a
little bit of fat and foam coming up to the top. We just want to skim
that off so our broth is as clear as possible. So now that our
chicken broth has been simmering for
about 20 minutes, we’re going to
remove the carcass. Try to do this carefully
without burning yourself. If any little pieces of chicken
fell off, that’s totally fine. You just want to get any of
the skin or the bones, anything that you don’t want
to eat later on. And that’s it. We’re going to this to
the side to let it cool. And next, we’re going
to add our vegetables. We have carrot, celery,
diced onion, and a bay leaf. And we’re going to let
this simmer until tender, which is about 10 minutes. We’re going to add our rice. And we’re going to let this cook
for an additional 10 minutes so that can get cooked through. And as we’re adding the rice,
we want to stir just so the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom. And stirring will also
release some of the starches from the rice to give our
soup a little bit of body. So we’re going to separate
the chicken from the carcass and all the bones. You can take the dark
and the light meat, whatever you prefer. And you can kind of shred
it into smaller pieces that you’ll be able
to fit in your mouth. And we’re going to add
this back to our soup just until it gets reheated,
so about one or two minutes. Now to finish this soup,
we’re going to season it with a half teaspoon
of salt and two tablespoons of chopped parsley. And you can also remove
the bay leaf at this point because you don’t
want to eat that. And then we’re going to
ladle it into a bowl, and there you have it. Simple chicken soup that you
can make with what you have laying around in your fridge.


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