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SLX DC REAL Review and best PRICE! Not a Fanboy

BASSQUEST there is get the size of that crappie yes holy
smokes yeah what a crappie yeah alright guys welcome back to the episode
of baskets we’re out here testing out this new shimano SLX DC reel the guys
down at tackle freaks were kind enough to send me one I’ve been on the water
with it several times now and I got to say I’m liking a lot of what I’m seeing
was just reel so we’re into a little break down a little later on on kind of
the key features that I found on this reel but until then let’s do some fish
catching all right guys interrupting the video super quick here for some exciting
news from Morgan to tackle freaks he actually hooked me up with a sweet
discount code for this Tramonto SLX DC reel if you use it you can actually get
this reel cheaper delivered to your door than anywhere else that I know of right
now so stay tuned towards the end I’ll get you hooked up with this it’s gonna
be limited quantities so make sure you move fast also at the end bonus couple
swim bait catches for you so don’t miss out yeah feels good nope just fell hurting me that yes
it’s one way to get him you know what hit him that’s funny
this Shimano seems to be doing really well with the weight and drag of this
rate which is kind of surprising considering it’s a higher gear ratio
real this is a big rig with a lot of blades on it so the fact that the
gearing is still able to support that and I’m easily able to crank is really a
good feature you got some super light to you 3/16 out
to be an 8 ounce here like I’m free back here with it how to change the
adjustments on the like that that’s pretty impressive in
another self and again I focus on 15 pound fluorocarbon really lied infinity
like that can be a challenge the bigger baits and presentation for
the fact that it’s able to handle that it’s definitely a a plus plus in Michael
alright guys now I’m going to quarter out scrapper hood from popcorn and the
reels handling this really well one thing I will tell you with 15 contest
I’ve thrown a lot of different weights of lures now several days I haven’t been
able to spool the reel and the light is setting and we use in my phone I can
really send this thing out there feel like maybe 50 60 our cast
I can’t spoil that reel to sleep I guess if I was using maybe 18 pound fish
fluorocarbon or gray inline I feel that’s kind of like selling it a little
bit too hard to say that you can spoil a real you can make a very long cast I do
feel that the DC the digital chip does help you I can feel it engaging I can
feel it taking some of that pressure off but oh but it’s not like a foolproof
thing you still have to do some of the work yourself if you’re really going to
get everything that you want to get out of this reel
now I will say that on the highest setting it pretty much does everything
by itself so if you put this thing on four and you send it out there it will
pretty much do what it needs to do so let’s see here I’ll just it the way they
say to adjust it here and we’ll put it on four which is a high setting if I
send that thing out there look at that it pretty much does everything it needs
to do by itself but I feel like I’m not getting really as much distance as I
could if I go ahead and open the spool up a little bit more and that’s what I’m
used to I’m used to kind of having a really free real doing a lot of the work
myself so I feel like I can push this reel a little bit more but having that
digital chip for a beginner or weekend angler can really save you some picking
out some backlashes I feel like in the long run everyone on the little scrounger head not the size we’re after I’m seeing some
really big fish blowing up out there but having trouble getting one to eat there’s one and that little guy throttled it little
spotted best I didn’t first test on the magic swimmer throwing the smaller bait like this
magic swimmer is a really good test for the drag on this DC reel it’s again 15
pound test 7/3 medium heavy rod a little bit heavier setup and if the drag will
work on this and keep those hooks from strutting and straightening out that’s a
really good really good system there seems to be really smooth so far got
another chunk Iran do that oh yeah products Italy
ability with reactions any God it’s a big rig today oh that’s a good do that oh come on now all I gotta say is thank
you to Scott for that 5y8 blade rig right there he makes the best rigs I
mean that’s a fat fat four pounder out there 15 pound test at Shimano dry drag
did what it’s supposed to do everything work well so far so good with that
little thing all right thank you for staying till the end of the video guys
I’m gonna break down some of the things that like about this reel some of the
things that kind of so-so to me and whether or not in my opinion this is the
right reel for you alright first and foremost I will let you know I’m not a
Shimano fan boy I used lose reels I absolutely love my lose reels but I’ve
always been fascinated by these DC reels these digital chip reels from tramonto
so I really wanted to try one out and that’s why Morgan sent this to me to
give kind of a really honest review my opinion on this reel alright for
starters one thing I really like about the reel is it’s got a super smooth drag
I’ve been able to use this as you saw with tons of different baits from super
lightweight finesse baits drop shots magic swimmers all the way up to big
swim baits and rigs and things like that so I kind of got in a really good feel
I’ve caught some good fish on it now and the drag has performed flawlessly for me
one of the things I wasn’t as ecstatic about what’s the weight of the reel
comes in at 7.6 ounces and when you’re talking about a real that’s up around
that $200 range typically you’re in that six ounce range a lot of times you’re
actually in low sixes so for it to be that heavy basically what this is is
it’s a $100 reel with that DC chip in there so just know that up front you
know you’ve got a plastic drag or a star on the drag there’s some components of
it that are not what you would typically see on a 200-dollar reel but what you’re
really paying for is that digital chip and to me the digital chip in a lot of
ways is really worth it one thing I noticed when I was adjusting
this it’s super easy to adjust you basically just tightened the side
tension knob there until you don’t have any play in the spool anymore and then
you adjust you have four settings here so really simple takes all the guesswork
out of it most of the time what I found myself on is – it has settings depending
on what kind of line type you have but – me I use it I want that spool really
free so I can get the maximum cash so if you put this thing on for like I said in
the video you can fire that out there and pretty much it’s it’s almost
backlash proof at that point but also you’re losing some casting distance so
it’s something that if a beginner picks up this reel they can really get the
feel for bait casting really quickly also if you’re kind of a weekend angler
or you’re somebody doesn’t get out in the water as often this could keep you
from picking out back lashes more often and we were talking about fluorocarbon
oh that’s expensive get it spool a fluorocarbon on here it might be
10 12 13 dollars of lying on there so you don’t want to be back lashing and
causing issues with that line where you’re having to Reese pull one thing I
will tell you is I did a lot of flipping and kind of some really short roll
casting and stuff and I’ve noticed with this reel for for short roll cast you
know those little accurate casts it is absolutely amazing for that the digital
chip kicks in and it really is intuitive and and knows it feels like it knows
what’s going on so that you get the proper amount it takes the guesswork out
of it I mean that’s really only way I know how to say it it’s super smooth for
doing that but on the other hand when I tried to you know do some skipping or
flipping I noticed that thing was trying to the digital chip was trying to kick
in it was actually raising my cast and for a lot of people that are just
starting out doing that that can be great because it can keep you from bad
clashing or having some kind of issue with your cast but someone who’s been
doing it a long time like myself I want a super free reel I don’t want that
thing rising up I want to be able to tuck into the smallest most narrow
places that’s one thing I wasn’t as big of a fan of other than that it feels
like a really solid real the handles feel solid it’s really smooth the
gearing in it even though it only has I think five ball bearings which is again
lower on the spectrum when you’re talking about $200 reel that’s kind of a
– but on the plus side it is very very very smooth you know it’s it’s as smooth
as some of my hundred and sixty hundred seventy dollar reels in my opinion one
thing I noticed is that it’s also very intuitive so I didn’t really have to
change the settings a bunch between baits now so in an 8-ounce drop shot I
had it on two had the same setting so when I was throwing the the rig had it
on the same settings I can feel that chip kind of making up for the change in
weight of the bait which I think it’s really cool
alright now for the meat and potatoes of this should you get this real and I
think yes for $180 real you’re really getting a lot here for one you’re
getting a digital chip which everybody knows that’s just awesome to have
everyone should own one of these reels just because it’s something cool it’s
unique makes a cool sound when you cast it it’s really smooth
it’s just something you have to experience once as a bass fisherman
pretty serious about it and for 2 it’s going to be great for younger anglers
especially high school college-age guys it’s an affordable real something that’s
going to be a workhorse reel it’s going to pair well with your rods that are in
that 80 to 150 dollar range with the weight and everything it’s going to be
balanced this was a Joe Burns custom rod absolutely pairs great with that and
there’s a ton of things you can do with it so instead of having a bunch of
different reels you know I’m blessed to be able to get a bunch of different size
reel stuff got 300 size reels I’ve got reels with deeper spools I’m
able to adjust the reel to fit the technique with this this one reel can do
a lot of technique so you pick up four or five of these you can put on a bunch
of different types of line and run a bunch of different techniques with this
reel so just great things out there and with that discount code it even brings
it down further I’m gonna put that down right now so check out that discount
code it’ll get you this reel I believe out the door to your house for somewhere
around 180 bucks I don’t think you can get it for a better price anywhere else
limited quantities jump on it now but anyway guys stay tuned I’m about to play
a couple awesome big swim bait clips that’s going to close out the video but
as always I hope you loved it make sure to LIKE subscribe and share with your
friends I’m gonna be putting out more videos like this and I hope this week
finds you out on the water because I’ll catch you there a little fish that swims like so hard


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