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Snakehead Roundup 2017

We’re in Pohick. Kind of the middle of Pohick Bay. this little island here typically we start our sample. We do our first run around this island come across this shoreline you’ll have to cut across the mouth of Accotink is a super shallow it’s all stilted in and we’ll go over here on a far point and start our bass and snakehead collections. That’s the first crappie I have seen today OH theres a big snake! I’m John Odenkirk here with Rob Willis and Mike Isel with Department of Game and Inland Fisheries we’re out of the Fredericksburg office. And we’ve been doing a survey for a long time since 2004 when these snakehead showed up in the tile Potomac and it’s tributaries. We’re trying to gauge the impact of this fish on largemouth bass and on the ecosystem. Gathering different biological and ecological data concerning the fish’s abundance how fast it grows, what it eats. So what we’re doing today is we’ve been electro fishing in this creek. and we’re tagging and releasing all these fish. For these fish in this Creek they’re lucky today because they get a free pass. We give them a tag so you get a little bonus and we turn them loose. and hopefully we will catch these fish later in the season for a population estimate or anglers might catch the fish either by bow hunting or by fishing. and if they catch one of these fish they’ll probably call the number on it turn it in we’ll get some valuable data and they’ll get a nice fish to take home and eat. In Virginia we first found snakeheads in the open tidal Potomac River system in 2004. So it’s been quite a while we’ve been dealing with the fish here a lot of people early on thought it was going to hurt bass thought it was going to hurt a lot of things. What we’ve seen so far that may not be the case. snakeheads we don’t want moving around the state but at the same time we’ve got them here we’re stuck with them. but so far fingers crossed it seems like their numbers are actually starting to decline. A lot of people like to eat them people are catching them bow fishings getting real big for them. hook in line everybody’s just going after them because they’re really good to eat. We encourage people to go out catch them take them home and eat them. they’re fantastic!


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