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Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
dot-com with spicy tuna rice bowl that’s where i welcome to another installment
of recipes the chef john makes when he’s short on time and inspiration but he
still wants something delicious and nutritious and comfort he needs and this
simple but amazing spicy tuna rice bowl is absolutely perfect for those
occasions so with that let’s stop talking in the third person and go ahead
and get started by making a batch a really nice rice and for that I’m gonna
add 1 cup of long grain rice to this ancient and amyl glazed cast-iron pot
but any similarly sized pot will work as long as it’s heavy-duty okay that’s one
of the keys to making really good rice and then to that we will add a cup and a
half a nice cold fresh water and by the way there is no need to wash or rinse
the rice first I paid for all that starch and I want to eat all of it but
what we will do is sell that rice down by giving this a few swirls before we
head to the stove and if you’re wondering with that little brown thing
that’s floating is I’m not sure but I really hope it’s just a piece of rice
husk in any event I removed it on the way to the stove and what we’ll do is
place this over medium-high heat and wait for it to come up to a simmer and
in the meantime what we won’t do is stir this in fact it no point during this
cooking process will this rice get stirred oh it’s gonna get fluffed with a
fork later but at no point do we stir rice while it’s cooking which is hard
for me because I love to stir things and then what’s gonna happen just as soon as
this stuff starts to boil is that we’re gonna turn our heat down to low cover
this tightly and let it simmer on low for exactly 15 minutes and then what
we’ll do while that’s working is go ahead and assemble the rest of our
ingredients most of which you’re already gonna have near pantry and we will start
with some canned or in my case jarred tuna preferably packed in olive oil
because that stuff generally tastes better and a little extra fats always
nice and before we add the rest of our ingredients I think it’s a good idea if
we break this up a little bit and by the way if you want to be a little more
civilized feel free to use a couple forks but since I’m moving a camera
around I thought it would be a great idea to have tuna and olive oil all over
my fingers and then what we’ll do once we have that not so carefully crumbled
is go ahead and toss in some red bell pepper
with some jalapeno pepper I’m also gonna toss in some sliced green onions and
then for our very simple dressing we’re gonna do some seasoned rice vinegar and
a fairly generous amount then we’ll also do a couple tablespoons of soy sauce as
well as a little touch of sesame oil followed by as much hot sauce as you see
fit and in case you’re keeping score at home I’m using sriracha and then last
but not least the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon and that’s it once
everything’s in we’ll just take a fork and mix it until thoroughly combined and
what’s very cool about this recipe is that theoretically the 15 minutes it
takes the rice to cook should be just enough time to get this all together in
fact I always try to turn it into some kind of game like I’m in one of those
spy movies and there’s a bomb connected to a timer that’s gonna go off in 15
minutes and destroy the world if I don’t complete the task so just an idea to
make dicing a pepper seem a little more exciting
but anyway speaking of timers once our 15 minutes is up in the timer rings what
we’ll do is immediately turn off the heat
at which point we’re just gonna let our rice sit there resting for 10 minutes
all right so do not remove the lid and do not peek that rice needs to sit for
10 minutes to finish cooking and yes if you didn’t finish your prep in the 15
minutes and the world blew up in our imaginary scenario you do have 10
minutes here to finish things off and then what we’ll do after our rice has
rested for 10 minutes is uncover it and give it a quick fluffing with a fork
ok what we’re doing here is releasing all that steam to stop the cooking
process as well as start to separate the grains by breaking up all the bigger
clumps and then after about 30 seconds of fluffing we can go ahead and transfer
this in and then simply stir it all together with a spoon until everything’s
perfectly and evenly mixed and you’ll see even though this looks a little
sticky and clumpy when you start as you stir and all that dressing gets mixed in
virtually every single one of those grains of rice is going to separate
not to mention soak in a little bit of that dressing and if everything goes
according to plan as soon as everything’s been mixed in it
should hopefully look something like this
and at this point all we have to do is taste it for seasoning since you might
want it spicier or a little bit saltier which you could do with more soy or a
little pinch of salt but mine was perfect which means we can grab a bowl
and serve it up and I decided to finish mine off with a few
and chilly flakes and a few more sliced green onions and that’s it my spicy tuna
rice bowl is ready to enjoy and it might be kind of hard to see but what we have
here is pretty much equal parts rice and tuna by weight which for me gives us the
perfect balance between protein and starch and while this might remind some
people of a fried rice dish this really is significantly lighter and
actually very low on the fat content but that doesn’t mean it’s not satisfying it
is very satisfying not to mention like most rice dishes
very comforting oh and another one of the many great things about this recipe
it’s perfect to enjoy warm like this but also vantastic at room top as well as
cold like a rice salad okay so the serving temp is up to you I mean you are
after all the Heidi Fleiss of your spicy tuna rice and speaking of tricks if you
use a little less dressing and or use a shorter grain of rice and make this a
little stickier you can actually press it together and form it into balls and
then maybe roll it in sesame seeds which makes for an incredible handheld snack
which is perfect for bringing to work or even something like a picnic and I
forget the Japanese name for those but I know they do have a name and there are
many casual comfort food recipes that are fast cheap and easy to put together
and many of them taste like it but not this stuff all right this stuff is so
satisfying and bright and flavorful and vibrant it does not taste at all like
something you just threw together because you didn’t know what else to
make which in reality is probably exactly what we did but anyway that’s it
what I’m calling a spicy tuna rice bowl or as we called it before the
Millennials were editing all the food magazines spicy tuna rice but whether
you serve it in a bowl or on a plate or like I said roll it into balls which
is also great no matter how you enjoy this I really do hope you give it a try
soon so please follow the links below for the ingredient amounts a principle
written recipe and much more info as usual and as always
enjoy you


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