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Spicy Tuna Tartare Recipe : How to Dice Green Onions

Hi, my name is Karl James, owner of Creolesoul
Catering located in Round Rock, TX and one behalf of Expert Village I’m here to show
you a spicy tuna tartare. Now it’s time to cut our green onions (scallions) as known
at times. Basically same thing we just want really small slices of it and we’re using
both the white and the green, the bottoms and the tops. You see we have some that are
trying to escape, so basically once again we want to get that just small slices. Cause
once we get it sliced we’re going to run our knife through it we got to minced it a bit.
Scallions, green onions what do you like to call them? When you’re using a sharp knife
I suggest you keep those fingers rolled back because it’s really easy to cut yourself,
and it hurts. At least that’s what I heard. I’ve been fortunate enough of never cutting
myself (knock on wood) so once we get those chopped we’re just going to run our knife
along just to minced that to get some finer pieces. Again, an accent flavor we don’t want
anything too dominate, well too over dominate that tuna. Okay, we’ll continue to mince our
green onions here or scallions and I’ll see you back at the next step.

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