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Spiderman vs Godzilla w Pink Girlpool, monkey king, Left Shark fun in real life comics SuperHeroKids

ROAR!! You can do this Spidey! You are big! You are strong! Ahhhhh!!! Uh-oh This was a bad idea. Deadpool! Left Shark! Guys? You can do this! You can do this! Help! Help! Help! Help me! No! No! I’m here to save you Deadpool! I’m here to…. Noooo!!!! I can’t drink chamomile tea! It messes with my pores. Huh? Oh, hey Spidey! How’s it going? But why were you? What are you? You’re probably wondering what’s going on. We don’t really know either. When the monster kidnapped us, it forced us to have a tea party. The door was locked from the inside. And now that it’s open we have to go settle a bet that we made earlier. (earlier) I could totally beat you at video games. Your on! So yeah, we’re out! Oh by the way, thanks for saving us. Peace! What? The Deadpools are weird. ROAR! Oh no! This is it for me! Ahhhh! Huh? What happened? Oh Left Shark thank goodness! What happened? We got kidnapped? By who? So we meet again. Wait a minute You’re not a bad monster are you? You just needed a friend. Let’s go buddy! Here Godzilla, catch! Do you need help? Come on Godzilla! Come catch me! Roll it, mark it with a b as fast as you can roll it, mark it with a b That was fun Godzilla! But wait, where is Cleaning Lady and Left Shark? What are you going to do to us? What is that? That, is monster slime Whoever touches the monster slime gets turned into an evil monster. Would you like a demonstration? No! Left Shark! No Yes! Yes! My monster is complete! I really should be a professional dancer.

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