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Spin Vs. Fly? Fall Pike Fishing In Denmark

It is really early in the morning, and we just got out to a lake, where we know there is some decent fish in it. We made a small challenge some time ago, where we tried out some “Small vs. Big”. Back then, Kevin did the big lures, and I did the smaller ones. Today we are gonna do something a bit different:
– Fly vs. spin. Søren is gonna do fly fishing only, and I will take the lures. – Exactly!
Then we will see what works the best today. Hopefully it’s me, that gonna be winning today! But you are free to try all the lures you want… And I can do all the flies I want, wiggle tails, colours and so on. So there is only one thing left, let’s do this! Pretty huge amount of gear, for that small boat… …And of cause the paddles! That’s a beast of a predator boat…
– Doesn’t really get any better, haha! We are almost ready, just got all the gear in the boat and then the sun came out. Just perfect. There is no wind at all, so hope it will pick up later. But let’s go out there! It’s gonna be wild! Maybe we will need the trolling engine later on.. But.. This is just romantic! We are actually moving!? Yeah, full speed! We just arrived at the first spot, and dropped the Talon in. The lake we are fishing in today, is about 1,5-2m deep. I will start out with something I can fish really slow speed. This one, with a cool tail. Not weighted, beside this 3,5g screw to hold my stinger. You had some nice fishing with that one lately? – Yeah, it worked pretty well! Think it’s a good idea, because there is a lot of weed from the bottom, so we have to fish high in the water. – Yep, we have some weedlines over here, where the fish usually likes to hang around. Great. I am ready, Kevin is ready.. I just put on a small perch imitation, it worked really well for me lately. And then I have attached a small golden wiggle tail. So I hope this will work. Maybe with some polly polly really slow. Usually this can tricker the fish to strike. What’s up Kevin, ready?
– Ready! Cool, lets do this! One of the really tricky things today, is the lack of wind. Sometimes in these conditions with no wind, the pike can be a bit shy and not that easy to catch at all. But I can see that the water is pretty clear. So because of that we know that the pike can see the fly, and the lure. And we can see if we have a fish following in. So let’s see. We took the first couple of casts, and no fish yet. But I think it would come, very soon. Yep! Here we go! Ahh, first fish. And on the fly! So damn cool! First fish! It’s decent! Ah, maybe.. I think it’s around 80? So nice! Can you feel the pressure? Beauty! First fish. Let’s get it back in. It’s slowly swimming back. That’s it. 1-0. Oh, got a follower! look at that wave! There is so much activity right now! Didn’t get that many fish on this one, so time for a change. Got a couple of strikes, but they came off. So now I am gonna try to downsize a bit. And yeah, I got a thing for blue as well. Usually it works for me. – Think you will catch some smaller ones now! It’s still a fish. Everything counts! Here we go! Damn, it took so hard! Oh, not done yet! It helped change to the other fly! Downsize a bit. But sure, when downsizing there is a bigger change of getting smaller fish as well. Can you feel it, Kevin? The pressure? Quick release. Super cool, 2-0. Helped to change to this small blue fly. Really hope this can come up with some more fish.
Now you gotta step up you’re game, Kevin! We are about mid day now, and the win have really picked up! We have placed us here, where the win is against the weedline. I really hope for some action on this rubberlure soon! There isn’t really anything else to do, than just keep going. Keep hammering, change lure and try different things. We have done our part today I think. – Yeah, we have tried many things.
Yes! And you have tried almost all you’re flies?
– Yeah, about 10 different ones. Nothing seems to work. Så this is some tough fishing.
– Yeah. Theres not much to do. If the fish don’t want to eat, then… – yeah we cannot really force them to take the lure. What lure are you using now? This small 4D pike, from Savage Gear. – Just to imitate the real thing? Yes, and then it have some rattles in the tail. – I think that’s a good idea, because they are so selective.
Yep, there need to be something that is triggering them. Maybe you can come down there with the flie, and wiggle it in front of the pike? – Yes, but yet again, the fish I had following, they just turned without striking. So maybe some more natural coloured will work? Or maybe some rattles. To you have rattles in your fly? – No haven’t, but it is on my to do list for next time! Let’s keep hammering! Here we go! We just sailed up upon these weeds here behind me, where I lost a good fish earlier today. First cast, and it took it hard without doubt. Maybe 1 meter? I think it’s even above. – Above 1 meter?
Yeah maybe. At least 95. Is says 101 cm.
– 101, good fish! Yep, 101 cm. It’s not the fish bleeding by the way, just got a finger in it’s mouth. Shouldn’t have done that. – nah, pretty stupid! 😉 Awesome man! Surely a nice fish! You kinda deserved that afterall. It almost counts as two fish, just almost! Ah its a beauty! Let’s give it it’s freedom again. – Just wanna make sure it swims away, before I let go. Really cool with a big fish. We talked a bit about sailing in, because the wind really picked up way to much! Not really a pleasure anymore to fly fish in this weather. So we are about to make the last casts out here, and then we will head in again. Then we will count the fish for today. And then just home and get heated up again. But just one last cast out here, it’s important! We talked about sailing back to shore, because the wind is really bad.. It”s a good fish!
– It’s actually really good! So we made the last cast right here, before heading back. Found a small area here, without weed. And boom, then this fish took. She’s a pretty girl! It’s funny because we didn’t feel a thing for some time.. Just seconds before heading back in. That’s it. This is a… .. really approved fish! Really pretty. And then of cause on the fly rod. Think it’s around 90 cm? About that. Not as big as the one you took. There she goes, back where she belongs. We are back to shore. The wind just got way to bad, so we are about to call it a day. But we managed to hook 4 pikes today. So 4 on the fly and 1 pike on lures. Not really that good fishing today. I think the fly had its advantages today, because the fish was really shy. I even managed to hook a fish on the fly, that you already had following in on your lure. So the fly was clearly the best today. Other days it can be the other way around? – I am sure that if the fish was more active today, lures would have won big time. Because I am covering way more water than you do. I have covered more water today as well, but it just seems like the pikes only wanted the fly. – Exactly. Tomorrow it can be even different. – I think if we both had fished with lures today, we wouldn’t have caught as many fish. Haha, great that I brought my fly rod then. We just have to get out here another day, and try the same thing again. Anyways, thank you so much for tuning in! If you like what you saw, then please like and subscribe. Then I will se you in the next video!


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