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Spring Pond Fishing part2 More Bass & a new PB Channel Cat!

you just barely hanging in there a little
tiny piece of flesh there’s now the one Ryan little tiny ditch pickle pickle I’ll cut it out so I can get down there
all right there’s another little ditch pick oh but that’s what I’m getting
today after those blue gills quit biting look very wet another one all right can you turn loose of my hook
please thank you another little ditch pickle whoa he
wanted to go back into the water really Soon whoa there we go I wanted to set that up on
time-lapse to catch the sunset it’s not bad Oh but are getting the grips out oh yeah where’d he go oh yeah yeah this is a nice one this might be that one I caught a couple
years ago what are we doing here all right where are you like you are really something up here
come on there’s that there we go got it got it whoo so trying to show that to Becky in case
she’s looking out the window all right
yeah yeah oh can you all see this kid don’t see this channel catfish down here
whoo let me see how much this booger ways pounds ounces there we go now we got it
let’s see oh quit you don’t like being held up that booger is ten pounds you’ll
see they’re ten pounds did you know this is probably an ounce or two so we’ll
just say ten pounds whoo I believe that might be that same one I call it a
couple years ago he just grew up down here into the water but down here where I just took about there he goes goodbye fella thank you very much for
that that was a lot of fun another little ditch pickle thing y’all
I’m just tearing it up today what he jumped out of my hand
there we go a little ditch pickle Ryan I am the king of tiny ditch pickles not
you that felt like a bite yeah he was that
was subtle oh my gosh that was subtle oh you almost got away – man dude that was
a really subtle bite right thank you another little ditch pickle I just don’t
see that on Hey oh wow did you see it just right
there in front of me alright dude calm down there little bitch pickle there
pretty red orange eyes on that thing man there’s just so many of these little
tiny bitch pickles in here check it out
guess what I got I have a little one see Ryan you can’t you can’t handle this you
just cannot hang with this Freddie I am the tiny ditch pickle king all right
don’t even try to be better than me you can’t Oh is about it okay I come back and subtly
hit it again I’m telling you that’s just hilarious so they just come up there and
just kiss it yeah another little tiny ditch pickle
Ryan telling you man you can’t handle this you can’t beat the ditch pit the
tiny ditch pickle King tiny ditch pickle King oh there’s another one again look at
that you can see them come up and hit it I’d ID it anyway is it 6:45 don’t pay
any attention to my alarm telling me it’s time to go eat dinner every night
I’ll go and sit down and eat dinner with my mom
so I haven’t worn pot – tell me when it’s time to do that right away tiny
that thing is oh man the beetle spin beetle spin Mack
in those little bitch pickles with the beetle spin look at Ryan alright
everybody I’m gonna say good night now I’m gonna call it a day battery’s almost
dead SD cards almost full I don’t know how many fish I caught today but topped
it off with that 10 pound channel cat so I had a fantastic day I hope you had a
great day too and we’ll see you next time you


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