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SPRO – Get It Crackin’ – Amsterdamse snoekbaars met Rocky & Harm

Good morning Harm!
– Hi, Good morning. Welcome to the very first edition of ‘Get It Crackin’. Today we will fish together and try to get your first zander. I’m looking forward! Yes me too, and the weather is great! Yes, fantastic! We will try hard. And, I also brought some nice gear for you. Firstly we present you with a jigging rod. Very nice! A Dropshot & Jigging rod. You will surely like it. A nice cap. Always nice with this colder weather. A matching reel. With line. We will make it ready to go in a minute. On top of the cake a sling bag, with unhooking pliers, a box full of lures and jigheads. Fully loaded If this doesn’t work today… Then nothing will work! We will try, thank you very much! There we go! Number one! Not a zander yet, but… We know there is some perch around here. Before, we have had some good zander bites here too. We will search some deeper waters quickly. I have the feeling the zander might be deeper, because of the bright light. Thanks to the bright light, I have the feeling the zanders will take shelter in the shadow. Wow, what a bite! Can you grab the net for me? That’s a nice one! A good sized fish. Hooked right in the lip. Beautiful! I’ll put it back! I just let the lure be in the same place for a while and… Tock! I’ll take this one for now. If I were you I’d really concentrate close to the structures. Let’s see if that’ll bring you a good bite. This is my first one! Sweet! Was the take hard? Very nice! Did it strike hard? Reasonable. Nice job! It went pretty well today! It’s nice fresh and sunny outside. We both had some fish. So I think we should be happy. Yes! With a couple of nice perch. Zanders. My very first zander, not the biggest one but… It does count, so…!
– That’s right! Mission accomplished.
– Sure, mission accomplished! Cool! Mission accomplished! And thanks for watching this video. Do you have some ideas for a next item? Please let us know below and maybe we will pick your idea next!


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