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Starkist, Bumble Bee And Others In Trouble As Canned Tuna Price Fixing Lawsuit Moves Forward

When most people think of issues of price
fixing or collusion amongst companies to keep prices artificially high, you probably think
of industries like Big Pharma, you know, possibly the oil and gas industry. You don’t typically think of the canned tuna
industry, but actually for several years now there have been mass, massive investigations,
criminal fines and penalties and even possibly some criminal charges coming amongst some
of the biggest canned tuna companies in this country. Joining me to talk about this is Scott Hardy
from Top Class Actions. And Scott, when I read this story, it really
just kind of shocked me, the level to which we had these massive investigations, the Department
of Justice investigation into the canned tuna price fixing issue, because apparently this
has been a massive deal and it’s been going on for many, many years now. Lay this one out for us. Sure. The, these are really interesting when we
come across them and as you said, we see this massive alleged fraud happening in an industry
that people, you know, use every day, canned tuna. You wouldn’t think there’d be some kind of
nefarious undertones to the canned tuna industry. No, people think it’s just great lunch food,
you know, we eat it every day. But what this class action alleges is that
the canned tuna industry has actually been struggling over the past couple of years and
the sales have gone down. Now you would think that when the sales go
down and the tuna industry is really pushing hard to compete, that prices would come down
a bit. So that way people will buy more tuna. They’re going to say I’m getting a better
deal. But no, as the tuna industry struggled, prices
actually remained the same. And so they took a lot, a deeper look at this
and they found that, wow, chicken of the sea, Starkist, Bumble Bee, the biggest names in
canned tuna, were colluding alleged, according to these lawsuits that were filed. So we’ve got a bunch of class actions that
were filed. As you said, federal trade commission involved. We actually already have two executives who
have pled guilty to colluding. The CEO has been indicted. I mean this is, this is, should be bigger
news than it is, it is right now. Because this is huge when you have these huge
companies that are getting nailed for colluding to keep consumer prices high. Well, and what’s interesting to me is, you
know, we talk a lot here on Ring of Fire about the fact that nobody ever goes to jail and
no CEOs ever go and go to jail. They always work out some kind of sweetheart
deal. But now we actually have a chance, a case,
excuse me, where the CEO could possibly go to jail. And I think the big difference is, you know,
we’re used to talking in, in much bigger terms. You know, when you have a Wall Street bank
that rips off, you know, 100,000 people for their entire pension, you know, stealing millions
or you know, the pharmaceutical industry charging us 20000% markup instead of a 1000% markup. But with the tuna prices here we’re dealing
in, you know, maybe a dollar but typically a few cents. But you spread those few cents across to a
couple million people a day and it does add up to very real money here that these companies
were raking in only because they were allegedly fixing prices with all the other companies. With their, you know, we’re not gonna advertise
as much as long as you don’t. We’re going to match your prices. We’re going to keep everything the way it
is. We’ll share business secrets with one another. Let’s just keep bilking people out of every
few cents. And again, you know, maybe the consumer thinks,
well, okay it was 10 cents a can for me. That’s not that big a deal, but that 10 cents
a can apply to maybe 100 million people. That’s very real money that these companies
were pulling in from this isn’t it? Exactly. There is a lot of money at stake and this
isn’t the first time that the canned tuna suppliers have gotten nailed with these lawsuits. We’ve covered a big class action that is still
getting stuck in appeals right now. There was a big settlement from Starkist and
other manufacturers that were all about overfilling the cans with water. So instead of having that can chockfull of
tuna, they were putting more liquid in the can to give you less tuna, which again, shaved
off pennies per can, but made a big difference to the tuna suppliers. That case is still going through the courts. That settlement is still go through the courts,
so if you’re waiting for your Starkist tuna settlement, be patient. Hopefully we’ll see some action from that
within the next year. For the canned tuna and the fixed price, the
price fixing that we’re seeing here, this one is going to be a fun one to watch. Especially as we see, will executives actually
get sent to jail? And will they be sitting in jail next to somebody
who goes, what are you in for? And he goes, Ah, raising the price of a can
of tuna 15 cents. Doesn’t bode well. Yeah. Well, listen, I, I think the big thing is
consumers have to be aware of the fact that it’s not just, you know, getting ripped off
$100 at a time. It really can be just a couple of cents each
go around. Either way, corporations engage in this kind
of behavior and I’m glad, very glad that the DOJ, the investigators and the lawyers here
are taking this very seriously because there’s a lot of money at stake and hopefully it all
finds its way back to the consumers. And for more information about this issue,
follow the link in the description of this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions. And as always, while you’re there and make
sure you have signed up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with us today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

  • I haven't bought much tuna in the past couple of decades. It seems way to high priced. And when you do open the can it is full of water and lite on tuna.

  • Fishing is not a great practice either way. If its fished from the ocean then they are killing a lot of mammals and fish by netting them. If it is commercial fish farming the conditions are dirty and largely unethical. Choose between high mercury levels or potential parasite ridden fish from farms. I hate how trendy the word is but my diet is largely flexaterian, meat is rarely consumed for price, ethics, and nature conservation efforts.

  • Starkist is also a supporter of Fucker Carlson … the Racist … I will never buy again, even if they stop advertising … BOYCOT ALL THESE RACIST PRICKS !!!!

  • I really don't care if tuna prices are high, I really only care that the industry is using sustainable catch methods, methods that are verified with advanced technology like satellite mapping of fishing ships that are linked to full time live video camera recording systems that are uplinked in real time to show those ship locations and onboard video activities…which then are compared to what is off-loaded on what dates. I really want to see other species of sea life are not killed while tuna are being line caught. Price fixing would become moot point if the industry was willingly supervised and proud of sustainability methods, consumers wouldn't think twice about paying comparable price by weight as mid-grade steak or high grade hamburger meat. Imagining tuna to be a low budget food is part of the whole problem. Raping nature SHOULDN'T BE CHEAP.

  • It's the American way to rip off Rob steal from American consumers in fact any consumer it's called best business practice and all for the share holders

  • What can we eat any more have to start growing are own but if the soil or the Rain is contaminated then ow boy are we done . Hopefully not but we are certainly speeding up the END OF MAM KIND . Due we even deserve to be here anymore .

  • OMG, corporate America colludes? REALLY? OMG, I am soooo shocked.
    The chances of one of these CEOs going to jail are slim and none, and slim is on vacation.

  • I realized that I am paying high prices to slowly kill myself..🤣🤣🤣🤣 what should I eat ? Air? Everything we consumed has something… I’m moving to the rain forest tomorrow!!! 🤪

  • And then to think that there are many folks on the right who blame the State and pretend price fixing wont happen in a real free market.

  • Have you noticed the light Tuna is all mush and you don't know what the hell that is in the can.

    I threw away two cans because I did not know what the hell it was.

    It looked like grounded up shit.

  • Overfishing tuna in all oceans and killing a wast amount of other fish/creatures and dolphins is a major problem. The fishing industry are catching also the baby and juvenile tuna fish, = manmade extinction of an ecosystem and sea life.

  • I had to put several cans out for the cats and i learned not to open a can and not just drop it in with the others IT DOSNT LOOK OR SMELL LIKE THE REST…NOT TUNA IN THE CAN I DON'T T KNOW WHAT IT WAS BUT IM GOOD WITH GUN LAWS TOO KEEP MESSING WITH OUR FOOD OK

  • Tuna is gross. Eat a whole food plant based diet. A vegan diet is good for the animals, environment, & especially you.

  • Thumbs up and a comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! 👍
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  • How is this any or much different than Big Oil ?
    Per a VP of ExxonMobil I once met " every 10c increase equates to 1 million more in profit per day/per State and the oil Companies agree to use Any excuse to do this & the Govt subsedizes us in return as a great portion contains their taxes"
    I asked isn't that Fraud ?
    He replied that's Governance and Business's handshake
    I told him that's Reprehensible
    He replied he Did not like it either
    I said then Your just following orders .
    He replied Yes
    I said that was the Nazis reply at Neuremberg .
    He politely changed the topic .
    I honestly do Not recall his Name
    So don't bother asking and that's the Truth of this and what was said .
    He did say the Price of Oil is Rigged and they make tremendous actually rediculous profits .
    I say it's Unjust enrichment
    On both sides ; based on Fraud .
    Lying and Stealing from the Populace's Commons .
    Manufactured Consent is Garbage .
    Is it still "Unlawful to attempt to Indemnify from harm for Knowingly Wrongful Acts"?
    Thus is the USA Constitutional
    Common Law Maxim established via Court case Precedence's.
    Why is big oil Subsedized ?
    The Price of Oil is Drastically
    Over Inflated via Collusionary Fraud Intentionally is what I got from that Conversation .
    Does this Not Meat out the Body of a Crime ?
    Intent/Criminal Action w Premeditation?
    Or has this been Wrongfully Legalized by "bad actors"
    Who took Legalized bribery ?
    That conversation has Haunted me for 15 years , in my dreams and at the Pump .
    I cannot drive past a filling station without thinking of it either .
    I'd like an answer !!!
    I'd like to see Justice .
    Let Justice be done, Lest the Heavens Fall

  • Fukushima has added flavour to all the tuna in the pacific. I find it hard to believe the tuna industry isn’t under major pressure.

  • I have actually thought to myself when I have opened a can of tuna in the past that it seemed like there was alot of water .

  • I did not know about this. I was wondering what was going on because I've bought plenty of canned water disguised as tuna. Have some in the pantry right now, Well that's disappointing.

  • This stinks of TRUSTS… Cartels… Time for TEDS to Bust some Trusts…


  • I stopped buying tuna years ago due to mercury concerns. But I recently bought a few cans for my cat and it was mislabeled, said water but was oil. She won't even eat it. Bleck. Those greedy CEOs can keep their nasty overpriced chemical fish.

  • What's so appalling is that all these corporations do was. And then they all get a huge tax cut break from Donald. And then leave majority of us out to fend for yourself why we live check the. Any entity that has wickedness in their heart will reap what they sow.

  • This has been going on for a looooong time . Just check on AMERICAN SAMOA and what those Tuna Bastards did to the People there . Check it out 😈😈😈😈

  • I wouldnt give a flying fuck what price they fix or set if they'd just QUIT SELLING ME CANS OF SAWDUST IN WATER. What's THAT shit about? Even the cheapest canned tuna on the market didn't look like that 30 years ago.

  • Bravo it's about time someone sticks up for the consumer we are at their Mercy most of the time. we are well aware how badly we get cheated but really what can we do about it.

  • at Ralph's, I discovered the lil pop top can has 18g of protein, and is .69, becuz is has almost NO WATER. The regular size can, normally $1-2, is two servings of 13g, some even only have one serving of 18g. And the bags are the biggest rip off, charging $1 or more for 13g, 14g max, per bag.

  • Hell, poor communities pay more than anyone else…



  • We'll just stop eating it. they did in the 50 s and they did in the 90 s different reasons but the bouycott worked

  • Yes I think that the fact that their tuna isn’t Dolphin death proof as they claim. That’s a big thing to me I think that’s what those companies should be sued for. Wicked greedy companies are now even more so with Trump Administration

  • Liberal's Agenda: Attack and destroy! Piss and moan! Cry like a baby! Murder as many babies as possible! And you wonder why people are sick of you!

  • I have cancer,so I guess I have to salmon once a month.when fish is suppose to be healthy. might as well get chumps hamberders. were plucked no matter what.

  • I use to by Starkist or BumbleBee but I have noticed that the price has gone up. So occasionally I will buy store brand.

  • I buy very little seafood these days due to some quality issues they shall never address. Doesn't matter what the expiration date says, opened up a can which had 8 months left that was spoiled big time via green in color? Then opened up another right after that to find dark pieces of tuna which tasted quite bitter. Fact is none of these big name corps can be trusted too offer us a HQ product anymore due to that greedeyedmonster. not just tuna no It's all seafood ya gotta watch out for. Shrimp and cod from freaking china? Now what the hell is that all about? Does this country not have access to the freaking ocean? I didn't know farm raised could mean, "cesspool conditions? Lastly, it's gotten so bad, now use a geiger counter went shopping for seafood thanks to japland killing off one ocean……

  • I know one thing: the consumer is being ripped off by many companies. Like butter. Not filling Land of lakes butter to the rim. Gain washing powders not a full box. So many things, we're being ripped off by many products. Not just tuna. Jesus, if people did their jobs and were on top of these companies, protecting the consumer, we'd all be better off. It's time all the creed stopped. The rich keep getting richer and the poor consumers keep getting poorer and keep being ripped off.

    TUNA IS AN ENDANGERED SPECIES THAT WE SHOULD NOT BE EATING! The only reason we are still eating tuna is because billion dollar businesses have paid for deregulation and damn the species.

  • Given Fat Willy Barr's girth, we can safely assume he hasn't opened a can of tuna in his adult life. By the looks of his waist size and bloated, sausage-sized fingers, Willy the Fake AG looks like his diet consists mainly of bon bons.

  • Ivy noticed the hikes. They also need to look at the prices of sardines and oysters. I thought it was related to Trump's idiotic tariffs, but this explains a lot

  • I can't eat tuna too much anymore,,because it now causes heartburn for some reason…everyone says it has Mercury…fresh tuna is always best…but I think folks are worried about water pollution in the ocean so they cut back on fish..😶

  • Has anyone noticed all the chunk white solid tuna looks like pink tuna meat that’s been bleached and it really smells terrible for the past few years? I don’t even buy it anymore because it usually has this disgusting slime or mush on top when you open it! Something’s wrong!!!! 🐟🐬🐳🐋🦈

  • Less tuna, more water. So what about all the bags of chips not even half full?. "Product may settle during shipping.", Lie lie lie.

  • Tuna, dentists, China, and the new mercury filled light bulbs are a boon for big pharma and the mental health care industry.
    How many people with mental health issues are tested for heavy metals? 0-?

  • Auto industry does it all of the time. There are secret lots full of unsold new cars. They don't sell these cars to keep the price of automobiles up.

  • So they get fined and the price stays the same. Not to mention there's insect parts and rat hair in that toxic tuna.

  • Wow, but somehow legal drug dealer are passing out prescriptions like candy with very little repercussions. Real money but no one overdosed and died on tuna😙☕️

  • 4 nuclear meltdowns on Pacific ocean on going in Japan ,tuna is now highly radioactive I wouldn't eat tuna if you gave it to me , LOL

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