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Stingray Stole My Fishing Pole!!! – Big Fish Steals Breaks Rod in Boca Grande Florida

Welcome to the Chew on This saltwater fishing show Fishing television with intensity So check this out. We just got our allotment from Salt Life and whenever I get an allotment from Salt Life It means that you guys that watch Chew on This, get a chance to win prizes So each week we are going to be giving away some Salt Life gear Shirts, shorts, buffs, hats, all that kind of stuff So make sure you leave a comment and hit that subscribe button. And press the ring a bell button. It’s very important that you hit that button because that will give you a notification every time a new Chew on This show comes out And we got some great stuff. I love the new shirt they just brought out All kinds of great news at Salt Life And we have girls and guys clothes So be sure to leave comment, hit that subscribe button and I look forward to you guys coming back each week and watching all the new Chew on This shows Thank you very much for watching and we got a lot of stuff to give away So be sure to leave a comment and hit that like button and most of all hit the subscribe button with the little bell Alright you guys, check out this new show, its going to be awesome Wow how cool this is This big school of rays Check it out rays everywhere This is my selfie with a big school of rays There are fish everywhere today out here Boca Grande is loaded Look at that Beautiful sight! Awesome Literally hundreds, if not, thousands of big old rays Cow nose bat rays all over the place about to head off shore to go spawn Then they’ll all be gone Look at these rays everywhere Got one Yeah! Capt John Black puttin’ it on them Look at all these fish behind us! Look at all the rays I love the rays. I love them and I love using them as bait. It is awesome Look at all of them, wow! Let’s get em’ Alright you guys so heres what we got I put the rod in the rod holder with the stingray because we were gonna put it in the baitwell and the rod broke So now the stingray got away but he still has the rod connected to him So he’s dragging the rod behind him right now and we’re trying to hook him up See you can barely see the rod and the reel dragging and we’re trying to hook him See him swimming underneath us? He’s like you’re not getting me buddy We’ll see what happens Got the ray There’s the rod that snatched off on the bottom John was able to snatch it Kinda funny Alright get him up John There we go. Here comes the rod down there Big cow nose Yeah! Stay right there where you’re at Alright so I’m gonna reach down right now and I’m gonna grab Keep it tight, reel tight Alright, got him to the side Here we go He’s gonna go crazy right about now Look at that, here comes the other rod Now we got our bait back, and we got our rod back all at once Yeah look at that broke right there Things happen, that’s how it goes This guy here really did not want to be bait today But thats okay, we’re gonna make it happen Brush it off with a little bit of fresh water and go try to catch a pig Yeah look at that. Look at all those tarpon. See them coming up to the front of the boat? Yeah look at that Awesome tarpon Beautiful Here we go everybody, got some cool fish going on. Tarpon right behind me Got some big fish showing up Just want you guys to get a check to see what’s going on Wow that was one crazy episode That stingray pulled that rod right out of the boat and we caught it back! I never thought we were going to catch it back. That’s never happened to us before You know if you guys are liking the Chew on This fishing show, be sure to hit that subscribe button below and hit that ring the bell button Because it will notify you each time a new show comes out I hope you guys are enjoying what we are doing and if you want to see the last show we did its right here (click the panel to my right) and if you want to see one of my favorites its right here so check it out and last but not least, when you see that big fish you tell them Chew on This! God speed and we will see you guys next episode!


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