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#stopthelockout official Video – Over 1 Million Anglers in NSW say NO to Marine Parks..

I started fishing when I was 4 years old. I still remember the feeling that night before
a fishing trip, you know the excitement knowing that early in the morning my dad was going
to tap me on the shoulder and we both would look out the window to make sure there was
no wind. We’d then strap the tinny to the roof of the
van and drive down to the ramp and launch our boat in Sydney Harbour. Dad would paddle out. We didn’t have an engine then. I’ll never forget those mornings, and how
I felt and I just hope that my boys can continue to experience that feeling for years to come. But that’s all about to change. I feel happy when I go fishing its just like
an adventure, you can go where ever you want on the boat you can just go to new Islands
that we discovered it makes me feel happy. It reminds me of my dad when he first went
fishing when he was 4 years old, so if catch some fish you should put them back, throw
them back so they can live happily. I don’t think they should lock us out. Everyone who has fishing companies who love
to go fishing they just can’t go fishing anymore cause the government just doesn’t want them
to, like they just want to lock them out and it affects me because it just, I really like
fishing and if they lock me out I will be really sad. The NSW government are proposing to stop us
fishermen from doing what we have done for generations, by locking us out of 25 zones
ranging from Newcastle to Wollongong. Visit and let’s stop
this from happening.

  • Hey, I’m a fisherman and I feel I could fish everyday if I was able to, but if everyone fished everyday there would be no more fish to catch. These sanctuaries are being made to keep your favourite fish alive and well with large population growth because not everybody throws under size fish back to the water and sometimes the fish die from fright or injury. Fishing is a sport everyone enjoys and no one can enjoy it if there’s the main part of the sport missing, the fish. Sure there stopping your favourite spots, but you should be able to go fishing on the outside of the sanctuary and still get lots of fish. Plus with new fishing spots needed to be found is part of the adventure, you may find a even better spot you could only know about. That’s why fish sanctuaries are not a bad idea.
    Thanks for reading.

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