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string art diseño o boceto X6 por jorge de la tierra

music music music hello that such friends welcome once
more to a tutorial of the series how make the designs or sketches for the
string art works for today I bring you a new tutorial a work to which I have
called X6 and we’re going to make said work on a table of dimensions 70 x
70 centimeters, let’s leave a margin on the horizontal side and the vertical side
2 centimeters then we will make some marks of 8.5 and 3 centimeters 8.5 and 3 centimeters up
finish the horizontal side the same as for the vertical side and we’re going to perform
a grid music let’s draw some diagonals in each
one of the paintings that we have formed of 8,5 x 8,5 music after having made the design for our work
we would need to make some divisions in the diagonal lines of
each square for later place the nails, let’s do the
divisions of 0.6 centimeters in each diagonal.
let’s do 8 in this part 8 and eight in total we will make 32 divisions for
place 32 nails and as we have 36 squares in total would be 1152 nails.
if you want to see how the tensed of the threads of said work you
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