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[SUB] 간단한 하루한끼~ 참치주먹밥 만들기! Tuna Riceballs Easy Recipe!

Tuna Riceballs
VLOG #21 Today I’m gonna make the tuna riceballs. 100g of tuna Two spoons of mayonnaise Mix it well. It’s good to use the tuna that is removed oil! 310g of rice Two spoons of sesame seed Mix it well. Put a spoon of mixed rice on your hand~ Make riceballs in a triangular shape. The riceballs are being completed one by one! You can make the riceballs bigger or smaller~ Put the cooking oil on the heating pan~ And put the tuna riceballs and bake it. Bake it back and forth. If you bake it like this~ Then the tuna riceballs are completed! It’s more delicious because it’s baked in a pan. Have a happy day♥︎ THANK YOU!


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