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SUMMER MENU | Chicken Pizzaiola | Jamie’s Italian

Hi guys, right I’m gonna show you one of our
brand new dishes on the new menu at Jamie’s Italian across the whole country.
It’s one of our best sellers currently and you guys, you love your chicken and I
like to love you back by giving you amazing chicken. So none of this sort of
indoor reared chicken right we only have at Jamie’s Italian the most amazing
free-range chicken. This is from Devon and that’ll be the same chicken in every
single restaurant beautiful free-range from Creedy Carver. Lovely family farm
and they’re really beautiful birds. We marinate them, always in bay, rosemary,
garlic and a little lemon zest, a little oil and they normally get marinated at
least a day before so you get that flavour inside. So we’ve got a beautiful
chicken breast here and a little wing bone and we use the legs for a different
dish. But over there is the lovely Andrea Hello! Andrea just cook me one
of these please. So if you watch Andrea now he’s gonna pick a nice breast,
he’s gonna place it skin side down on the grill. Now there’s a method of
cooking that what you always do at Jamie’s Italian. Now look at what he’s gonna do. He’s gonna pick that plate up and that plate is scaldingly hot. So this
chicken will get cooked from both sides. Look how he did it. So strong. So it’s a really nice method.
We always cook our grilled meats like this. It’s called Al Mattone which means under the mallet, under the brick. And it’s an old method of
cooking over fire where you put your cut of meat ‘schhh’ and then you pick up a hot
rock ‘schhh’. So if you imagine that it’s cooking from two sides. So it’s gonna cook
quicker, it’s gonna be more juicy and it’s gonna tenderise a little bit and
it’s going to make more surface area for crispy skin. Yes!
It’s gonna cook nice and quickly about four or five minutes so let’s make the
sauce. The sauce is called, we have a few chicken dishes. The one I’m going to do
now is Chicken Pizzaiola. Which is kind of like a pizza sauce
right which sounds a bit odd but go with me right. It’s a real classic. We’re gonna
start in a pan, a little sauce with garlic, olives, capers, oregano and this
amazing chilli from Calabria and it’s really, really special. We source that
especially. And the chillies from Calabria, they’ve
got a warmth but there’s a sweetness and fruitiness to it that just makes this
whole dish. So every time a chicken dish comes on in
Jamie’s Italian that goes on fresh and then we make this sauce to order. So
we’re going to slice up our garlic. We’ll go in with a little oil. This sauce is always made to order. Chicken grilled nice and fresh. Simple dish but big
flavours. In with the olives and the capers. I’ll get a little teaspoon of
Calabrian chilli. The colour that comes out of them is phenomenal and you know, it
makes it a little bit spicy. In with the oregano. All these people
are getting excited about piri piri chicken if you want to try like Sicilian
style piri piri, much better. I’m telling you this is the way forward.
So we go in with a little swig of vinegar and then a nice passata. Look at
that. How we doing on that chicken? Ready chef! So look, just have a look at that
chicken. What you’ll see is the skin is crispy. Let’s serve it up. When the
chicken comes off the grill we let it rest for a little bit. We’re going to go
in with our wonderful pizzaiola sauce. It’s delicious.
I’m then going to take the chicken and I’m going to slice it. And then I’m just
gonna open it out on the plate look at that guys. And then just a few little
bits of lemon dress rocket. Just a few little bits in and around.
Look at the colours! Guys, guys! Look at the plate. Really nice, simple dish. Humble. Its
heart is in the right place. Good chicken. Come in and try this. The chicken Al Mattone Pizzaiola at Jamie’s Italian. It’s basically a Sicilian style piri piri
chicken. If you like that then you’ve gotta come in and try that because that is
the most amazing chicken. Proper free-range chicken. A lovely sauce made
to order. Capers, olives, chilli, those Calabrian chilies, tomato, little lemon
and rocket. Super good. It really is delicious. Happy days.


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