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Summer to Fall Bass Movement and Tips 여름에서 가을 배스 패턴 팁

hey guys today I’m going to do a talking video about things that I’ve been noticing so the topics I’m gonna cover today is number one obviously my observations fishing the last couple of weeks number two would be the best pattern change that I’ve been noticing number three is where the bass are going and number four is how to catch them I think we’re in a transition from summer to fall and so is this so number one my observations and what I’ve been noticing I’ve been seeing a lot of less fish being caught at my summer spots that I’ve been doing well at I feel like the fish are the number of fish have been declining the size of the fish has been kind of they’ve been getting smaller and so the overall numbers that I’m catching and the quality of fish is slowly starting to decline next I’ve been catching more of our fish in the deeper spots also notice that there’s a change in weather we’re getting colder nights days are shorter additionally I’ve been noticing that the grass has been dying a little bit and I can tell that because when I cast out there and I’m really it in I’ll get tons of dead grass to me that kind of signals that we’re moving into the fall pattern for the bass number two so the change in bass pattern so as we know so after they’ve spawned we know that they protect their young for a bit and then what happens after that is we have the best that go deep and we have the bass that go shallow and so everything is kind of more spread out there’s a lot more vegetation around a lot more places for them to kind of hunker down into with some shade lately as I’ve mentioned before I’ve been noticing that there’s a change in the pattern I think that the bass will notice it before we do to them it’s a big signal that it’s gonna be a colder so that transition happens faster than we notice it so I’m gonna talk about the fall pattern the fall pattern is we see bass begin to gather together more for example if we were fishing in the summer and they’d be all kind of spread out in a certain area we’ll see them kind of move together to certain spots I think what they’re trying to do right now is block off specific areas they can keep the baitfish there so that they’re feeding consistently until obviously before the winter the areas that they’ll move to would be mainly with structure for example in the shallow areas where there was lots of grass the grass is starting to thin and you will see maybe one or two big grass piles left and I think that’s where they will mainly be the larger population of bass again similar to other structures logs big rocks I think that’s what happens in the shale area next would be regarding the deep bass they will tend to gather at main break points so before if you had bass in several break points they will kind of pull together into one main area so what will happen is if you have a nice little kind of opening into a hump in the shoreline or a cove into the shoreline the biggest break point in that area will hold the bass what they’re doing is they’re trying to keep the bait fish in that area so that they can continually feed before it gets too cold again the change in bass pattern before in the summer when you were catching fish here in there now they’re clumped together so there’s a high chances once once you hit one you can go back to the same spot and get a couple more or there might you just even be a tonne in there so based on location in the country I think this transition or change will happen at different times so the northern part of the country you will see it happened faster compared to the southern end nonetheless it will happen because you know the weather’s gonna cool down and they’re gonna eventually get to that full bass pattern so I think a good time is talked about it right now all right number three number three where are the bass so like I was saying earlier in the shallow you want to focus on that remaining vegetation or dead logs in the water or big rocks in a lot where they can kind of pull together I think the reason for that is most of the other grass is starting to die and so they all just kind of move together into that one spot where it’s still remaining another area to look for the shallow section would be any type of break point within that shallow area so if you have like a shallow area here like this and all of a sudden to the sides it kind of comes down I think you’ll find some bass hiding it in the slightly deeper holes there again as I was saying what they’re doing is they’re trying to keep that bait fish from coming out and so during feeding time they’ll come up in you know in the deep like I said earlier you will have these coves and you will have these brake lines whether credit in the center off to the sides that’s where they’ll all be I think they work together keep the bait fish from spreading out another point would be when you have a point coming into the water so if you have the water here and it kind of humps out or points out here at the end of the point if you have a nice little deep pocket or a break point there the bass will hide there so what happened is as the bait fish are swimming around that point they can come up and grab them if you look at my map that I have on here right now the ones which to me suggests deeper bass spots what you’re looking for is again like these inlets and coves where they can keep the bait fish from escaping and they would have to be some type of break point or a deep section deep holes where they can hide and they can just kind of school together number two would be the points again that kind of come out into the water but you would need to find that break point where they can hide and they can ambush the prey number for how to catch up the way I see it is in the shallow you’re going to be able to catch them the same way you’ve been catching them in the summer during the feeding time top waters shallow crankbaits spinners buzzbaits jerk baits chatter baits whatever you like to catch them on they’re going to be active they’re gonna be there to feed but during the daytime I think is when it’ll change quite a bit I understand that overall in the shallows they’re always looking for that cover and what I realize now is that when you before if you had ten spots that you were catching fish at right now there may be three or four of them there they begin to pile together and so you’re looking for that main vegetation that main structure where they’re all going to be under once you find them you probably could be able to find a few more out of the same spot I mean that’s the main difference between summer fishing and fall fishing is that they kind of come together something I would like to use there would be a jig drop shot or a Texas rig so the shallow will remain relatively similar but there will be less and less fish there and so where are these guys going in the main topic to me today is talk about that deep part that deep section you’re catching fish in a deeper water levels than before lately the lake that I’ve been going to I’ve been seeing a lot more success during the day I had about 3 to 5 meters of depth during the feeding time like I said same with the shallow they will be active they’ll be around these bait fish are not always shallow there there will be schools of them in the deeper water and that’s what they go after like when you come off to the points and they’re swimming around that’s when they’ll kind of ambush them during the feeding time in the deeper area you kind of want to use something a little faster some things I like to use eat diving crankbaits what you got is you’ve got something like that natural color this one goes about 5.5 meters another one I will use is this one here it’s more of a matte finish the color stands out more if you can listen to it very small sound this other one here notice has that really thick sound the other thing I’ll use is something like a I guess a lipless crank boat with a joint in it this is a sinking one they may hit a certain sound one day they might like the sign another day so that’s something that you would need to kind of find out when you get out there another thing I like to use during that time would be a chattering you have your standard ChatterBait what i like to do with the ChatterBait is have a trailer on it but i take off that paddle tail i think if you just get a lot better action you guys can be the judge of that I’ll still use this during the daytime I mean the water is still warm and they will still come and hit them and they’ll still chase after them but I think these are more effective during the morning and you will be able to get them during the day but in the daytime I will kind of switch out more to a finesse style so something like a jig swim jig here I will even use some football heads no toss it out there get down to the bottom and just kind of have it hopping in their face and sometimes they’ll come and pick it up or they’ll take it on the hop it’s all about giving them an action that they’ll follow and what I like about Jays is you get a bigger profile so if you have a bunch of fish they’re usually it’ll be the larger ones that will take it to a regular Texas rig or a drop shot another thing I like to use is like I said before a drop shot with a worm I actually really like this color this color is kind of hard to come by in Korea but if you can find it you’ll get it it’s called morning dawn I don’t know what it is about this color guys but they like it so another approach that I will use is obviously the worm you can use a shaky head a Texas rig you can use it as like a search bait you toss it out there you you feel the bottom and you find where you get the nice deep holes similarly with the shallow side what you want to do is toss it out there if you’re not doing the vegetation in the cover you want to toss it out there and look for where there’s kind of humps on the bottom and that’s where they’re usually be so with a jig so a football hand Jayla what I’ll use is some Fairy Tail worm literally stick it on there let it drop to the bottom it’s fluttering down they may even just take it as it’s going down where as soon as it lands but once you’re on there you want to just kind of hop it on the bottom let the tail do the work or you can just drag it on bottom another thing you can you do is use some type of crappie you stick it on there again it’ll float or flutter on the way down it’ll stand up nice it’ll go back and forth in the water the skirt will pulsate and so you’ll get some good action on there or you can even drag this on bottom too I think another big aspect of feeding for these guys at this time of year is the bottom they’ll feed off they’ll feed on the baitfish but whatever is crawling on that bottom any type of bugs or any type of small fish bottom feeder fish that are going by they’ll come up and pick it up at the end of the day I think the transition is happening and so I think talking about it now we can kind of prepare for it I’m gonna be hitting that water again this week I’m gonna go deep we’ll see how that goes alright guys so that’s it for the video make sure to hit that subscribe button hit that notification button hit that like button I’m gonna try and get some better content out for you guys and I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching


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