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Sweet and sour king prawns

Sweet and sour king prawns Hi guys! Today I am doing another take away dish it’s sweet and sour king prawns it’s something we sell quite a lot as well it’s same as my other sweet and sour sauce dishes. I will be using some sweet and sour sauce, which is on my channel as well so you can watch that video on how to make it the vegetables will be same as the other sweet and sour sauce dishes some onion, pepper carrot and pineapple just a few each 1 egg for coating 10 tiger prawns and potato starch you wont need all of it, I just poured half an egg in just soak the prawns in the egg and put it in the potato starch make sure they are fully coated in potato starch before you deep fry them once it boils, just thicken it with potato starch


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