Crazy Bait Catching! Rock Fishing in MEXICO

[music playing] Where are we going? [Auntie Kim] Fishing. [Erin] Crabbing. [Brendon] Crabbing! [Erin] Crab whackin’. [Brendon] Crab whackin. [Dad] Wacky wacky wacky! [Dad] You’ll see. [Brendon singing] This is where we’re fishing it’s very high tide. Ooh. Call the elevator? Okay, coming, coming, coming. [Dad] First thing, we get wacky, huh? First thing, we’ve […]

Soft Jerkbaits for bass

Here’s one of the most versitle lures you can have in your tackle box; the soft plastic minnow style bait, or fluke. Here’s four delivery systems that present this bait top to bottom. 1. When bass are working grass, a weightless fluke darting side to side is an awesome baitfish imitator. 2. As a swim […]