bank fishing

How to fish a senko

Hey everyone welcome to my new series the greatest lures of all time! Most people probably know the first lure on my list, the Senko. I’m using the term Senko as a broad category for wiggly, fat, straight worms. You may have also heard of the Yum dinger, stick bait, stick worm or maybe even […]

Pink Salmon Fishing

welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher I’m your host Bill Spicer on this week’s show we’re fishing the north shore of Lake Superior in Algoma country we’re gonna start in wah-wah and fish the rivers all the way back to Sioux sainte-marie it’s going to be a great show so stay with us we’ll […]

Shore Fishing for Big Bass

– Youtube! What’s up everybody? So we were hoping to show you our brand new boat today, we were supposed to pick it up but it’s still not ready yet so instead, Tony and I are going to head out, we’re gonna do a little shore fishing, relieve some stress, you know it’s spring– (loud […]