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Bass Junkyz Bartlett 2018

[music] welcome we’re at Bartlett lake this morning and we’re fishing that bass Junkyz so it’s been a really interesting morning we’ve had a lot of boats turned away already probably close to 25 so they caped this thing at 100 boats so it should be interesting on this lake fishing with a hundred boats […]

Arizona’s Trophy Bass Program

[Music] you’re watching fishing with Gary Senft and we normally open on a lake but today we’re at bubbling ponds state fish hatchery and we’re learning all about the Florida strain largemouth bass that are all going into Roosevelt they’re gonna be growing up to these jumbo sizes that we’re gonna be catching we’ve already […]

bass lan party

That bass you’re talking about was the result of a flawed version of DEATH IBEX. He was originally my servant’s pet, and behaved just like any other bass. As you know, DEATH IBEX is able to affect both computers and most living things, including the now heavily altered, computer-savvy bass. A more perfected version of […]

Big Fish

– Catching a big fish can make any fishing trip whether you’re fishing a tournament, filming for a show or just out there fishing. You get that big fish in the boat and it can really make your day. Today we’re gonna show some of my best big fish catches. Thanks for joining us. This […]