FRANKENCHICKEN ⚡ Radioactive Chicken Heads animated music video

There’s a monster comes a stomping ‘round late at night Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken He’s got a face of green and an underbite Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken You better start to run when you hear his chains jangle Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken ‘Cause he’s on the scene and he’s out to mangle Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken Well he doesn’t use doors, doesn’t need […]


Today we grill chicken wings in the OptiGrill We have a 500g pack for that (1,1 pound) Rub that with sunflower oil Add a good portion or dry rub for chicken. So that it covers all sides. A bit more. Now our chicken wings are marinated. Put them into the frigde for one hour. After […]