Aquascaping Lab – Otocinclus Catfish Dwarf suckers description/pesce mangiatore di alghe descrizione

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Otocinclus commonly called Oto catfish, armored catfish, dwarf suckers or otos It derives from the Loricariidae family and comes from South America from areas of Brazil and Argentina, Perù, Colombia It ‘a small fish that will not grow much, is mainly nocturnal […]

Delicious Tuna Fish Scramble/Sura Puttu/Sura meen Puttu with English subtitle(சுறா புட்டு )

Welcome to Kumari’s Special Channel Today we are going to show that how to make delicious shark fish scramble. Vanakam(Greetings in tamil) Ingredients to make shark fish scramble Tuna fish pieces- 5,Grated Coconut- 1 cup, turmeric powder-1 tsp,Salt (per taste ) Fennel seeds-1 tsp, cumin- 1 tsp,pepper corns- 1 tsp, cordamom-1 tsp,tamarind- 1 small amla […]