The Connection – Horse and Rider

It’s really cool because you make a connection. It’s like a link that forms. You compliment each other so well that he almost reads your thoughts. When you’re nervous, when you’re calm, when you’re angry. So when mounting a horse you always have to be super calm. Because you transmit everything. Imagine, I have three […]

SUDDEN DEATH! | Ultimate Chicken Horse #2

(Jack noises) Ken: HYUPP! What level are we playing? BLURRRPP (Nonsensical Noises) Pewds: (lols) Er..the farm Jackipoo: It looks like you have, like, …..a weird face when you do that hahaha hehehehehehehhe (Noises) uhhh Ken: You like that Sarah Jessica Parker?(⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀) Brad: It’s me, Sarah Jessica Parker- Jack:(Stealing Brad’s thunder) It’s me, Sarah JESSICA […]