how to fish

Choosing Topwater Baits

You know I get asked a lot how do you know when to use a walking bait, or a popper, or a buzzbait, or you know any kind of topwater bait; one with props. It’s kind of like soft plastics it’s a process of elimination I mean there’s, you spend enough time on the water […]

Fishing Tips

– You know, in today’s bass fishing, there are so many different kinds of baits that you can catch bass on. We thought it’d be fun to have a show directed at all the different classes of baits you use to fish and catch bass. Thanks for joining us. This is, Fishing and Hunting Texas. […]

How To Never Lose A Fish

Hey folks, Glenn May here with And you know, on our forums we sometimes get people that are talking about the EWG Worm, the Extra-Wide Gap Worm Hook. And they say that because that hook point is aligned with the shank, that they don’t have much confidence in it. They feel like they don’t […]

Catching BIG Bass on Lake LBJ

– [Narrator] Welcome into another episode of The Fisherman’s Handbook. Bass fishing is a metaphorical puzzle that has to be solved each time you take to the water. Today, we join Jeff Reynolds and host Wade Middleton on their quest to piece things together on this cold winter afternoon. – You know bass fishing is […]