Unboxing Crocodile Iguana

– Okay, back again with me, Rivo Cahyono on CV Karepku channel. And today I’m going to take you on an unboxing video. Some of you guys might be curious about what’s inside. I’m going to give you some hints. It’s is considered one of the iguanas with the strongest bite among others. In the […]

The animated Crocodile 6 1961 multkrokodil 6 EN & RU subs Russian animation

Animated Crocodile No. 6 written by Sakko Runge & Alexander Kumma music Michael Meyerovich camera Elena Petrova sound George Martynuk Art director Grigory Kozlov Background art G. Arkadyev, L Tannenberg Animators Joseph Kuroyan, Lidia Reztsova, L. Popov Antonina Korovina, Vladimir Arbekov, Anatoly Solin, Boris Chani, Igor Podgorsky, I. Berezin, M. Pershin Assistants V Shilina, T. […]

The Crocodile 🐊 | Kids Skits

BOUNCY BOUNCE KIDS Wanna be on a team? Yeah Lets Train! I wish this Crocodile was real… We could sneak into Daddies room, and get the Magic Wand Yah! Awe Yeah! Oh, Yes! You got it! How does this work? You gotta say the Magic Words I think… Lets Try It Abra-Cadabra I dont think […]