How I Seize It #117: CATFISH

Hey! I’m the REAL Loretta Jenkins in all my scintillating glory keeping you up to date on all the new-fangly things they is out here in the world! And just so we clear- Hey! Look at me! I AM LORETTA JENKINS! You better memorize this face cause it’s gonna be lightin’ up the billboards one […]

미쿠미쿠하게 해줄께! 보컬로이드 하츠네미쿠 – 코스프레 촬영 브이로그 / 初音ミク Vocaloid hatsune miku cosplay photoshoot Vlog / TUNA

tight close-up Close up a little bit more close-up You are too close-up what the F… please…. Vocaloid Shall we try? This is the pose. Faced the first difficulty. Is this the original character costume? The MIKU he remembers How do I explain to you Um…. be similar to idol groups a concept that changes […]