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Tainted Lady – EPK

There’s just something completely “true” about them, that makes me really want to do this. It’s got to come from genuine place. Not some bullshit where we try to imitate someone else. We want to be daring, we want to do something new. Rough, dirty, serious, aggressive, and then suddenly into something really harmonic sounding. If you listen through our songs, you get an impression of the people we are. If you like this long-haired genre that I’ve been a part of since a was a kid, then you are instantly in love with this group. From day one with the newest line-up, we started writing. A newer sound than we had before. A more aggressive sound, because now we had someone on the vocals who could deliver that. Something that’s really special about this band, that I noticed when I joined the band, was that they wanted to be different. They wanted to add something new, something very special, and I really think we’ve captured that in this album. The thing I love the most is when our music gets a hint of Beatles with a punk attitude. We believe that if you really want something, you’ve got to hold on and keep being critical of yourself. They’ve got that kind of gang-thing going: Old band traditions, sticking together. “We’ve got long hair, we play fuckin’ rock, you know.” It’s very true, it’s genuine. It’s obvious that they’re in it for the music. Working with Søren has been a real privilege for us, and I think he’s the only producer in the country we want to work with. He’s totally cool with the fact that we want to avoid playing to a click track and that we have to try and make it as real as possible with live takes. It’s not just engineering job, when I produce Tainted Lady. I believe that if we can do this right, then I really believe that they can kick down the door, because there’s no weak link. This band has a definite place and a clear shot in this crazy mess called the music business. They have a good chance of success abroad, because they have Michael who is half British, half Danish. It just clicked. I just knew I’ve got to play with these guys. They want this as much as I do. It means so much to our band, which really has something to say. That our lead singer actually can express these things. At the end of the day, it’s just a great project for me, because it reminds me so much much of being 20 years old. For us it’s all about the music, and it’s always been that way. It’s a good thing this the songwriting is so good on this album as well, because the boys can’t play for shit.


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