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Tandoori chicken recipe without oven | How to make chicken tikka tandoori with frying pan

Hello friends Welcome to Dutta’s kitchen Today I’m showing how to cook chicken breast
tikka tandoori in a frying pan You need 10 pieces of chicken breast 50 grams
each. Make a few deep cuts in every breast piece Mix juice of a lemon. And a spoon of tablesalt. Mix them with the pieces By hand for well mixing Mix 50 grams of sour yogurt Yogurt makes the chicken soft, tasty and healthy Mix mixed spices that is Made with powder of chhinnamon , cardamoms
and red chillies Now place it in a refrigerator For 3-4 hours to marinate Heat a frying pan And place a spoon of soybean oil Now melt some butter Place the chicken pieces And bake for about 10 minutes at the low heat After 10 minutes Bake overleaf of the pieces For 7-8 minutes Press the pieces for well roasting Now turn overleaf and bake Repeatedly after every 1 minute For 15 minutes Remove from pan Your ready chicken tikka And enjoy Thank you for watching


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